Booker T knows that LA Knight is over; he's seen the reaction the “Megastar” received in NXT and now on SmackDown, he's watched how fans react to him at Premoum Live Events like Money in the Bank and SummerSlam, and he's probably noticed just how many t-shirts the pride of Los Angeles, California has sold in 2023 by simply looking around the Performance Center whenever NXT has a taping.

And yet, if there's one way Booker really knows that LA has gotten himself over to an incredible degree, it's by listening to fans on any WWE show react when someone is talking, as his “Yeah!” has become, by the NXT commentator's estimation, nearly as popular as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin's “What?” chants from the Attitude Era.

“For LA Knight to get that big win, I felt like it was something that he really needed just because his momentum is well over the top now. And when you got somebody that hot, you gotta keep the rocket on him, man,” Booker T said on his Hall of Fame podcast via 411 Mania. “You gotta let him go to the moon. You gotta let that man go out there and have his champagne wishes and caviar dreams. That’s the way I see it. And for LA Knight to get that big win at SummerSlam, it does a whole lot for the young man’s career… I think the only thing different between LA Knight and ‘Stone Cold' Steve Austin and Booker T is the time he’s been out there, he just hasn’t had enough time yet, you know, but this is gonna be his era. This is what people gonna be remembering, you know, going forward I think.”

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After taking a bit of a diversion to accuse Big E of stealing his “Sucka” catchphrase, Booker T circled back to the “Megastar” to let it be known that he's incredibly happy for LA Knight, as he's the type of star who deserves to be at the top of the card.

“But no, man. I’m real happy for LA Knight… The thing is, people gravitated to LA Knight because he’s a cool dude. He’s cool. I mean, the guys want to be like him. And the women? The women, you know, they signing up, you know what I mean? They are filling out applications, man. I’m just telling it like it is. So no, man. LA Knight, he’s in the right place at the right time.”

On one hand, comparing LA Knight to the “Texas Rattlesnake” is objectively hilarious because it's been a point of contention for literally months now, and this is just another layer added to that conversation, but it's really hard to argue with Booker's claims, as the “Yeah!”-s have been ringing throughout the wrestling world for months now, and that doesn't look like it's going to change any time soon. Considering “Yeah!” is used more compassionately than “What?” it's safe to say the addition is a positive one to the chanting crowd's cannon.

Booker T still has issues with Big E using his catchphrase.

What, you may ask, was that tangent about Big E trying to steal one of Booker T's many, many, many catchphrases? Well, fear not, for you can read it below, and it's certainly… something.

“And one thing about ‘Sucker,' it is something that’s still going, because I’m still around. I mean, of course Big E tried to steal it, you know what I mean? Which, I really didn’t appreciate that. I really didn’t appreciate Big E trying to steal my catchphrase while I’m still alive and I’m still in the company. I’m still using it. And I’m still wondering what the h*ll was he thinking. Because if you wanna step on somebody’s toes, you can step on somebody’s toes real quick doing something. Look at Slaughter. I could be like Sgt. Slaughter man, you know what I mean? I could really be upset. I could stop watching the show, just because of somebody like Big E. The thing is, I was original, I was always original with my stuff… I know who to steal it from [people not in wrestling]; they weren’t gonna be complaining about it. [laughs].”

Fortunately for Booker T, he doesn't have to worry about Big E calling anyone a sucker any time soon on RAW or SmackDown, as the widest member of New Day has revealed that he's been advised to never wrestle again by doctors roughly a year and a half after suffering a career-threatening broken neck at the hands of Ridge Holland. If he does return in one way or another, however, Booker T should totally gift the catchphrase to Big E, as at that point, he'd have certainly earned it.