WWE fans, it's official: Mia Yim is back… again.

That's right, after initially returning to WWE with a shockingly similar presentation to her schtick on the indies and from Impact Wrestling, WWE made the, um, unusual decision to change her name from Yim to Michin – literally “crazy” in Korean – in order to… sell copywritten merchandise? Make a point? Just sort of make a change to make a change? To her credit, Yim attempted to make the most of an unusual situation, taking to Twitter to explain the situation and even dropping by The Bump – where she was strangely advertised as Mia Yim in the copy but called Michin throughout the interview's segments – to explain the change, but it always came off as somewhat disingenuous.

“Yeah, the name carries, and a lot of people don’t understand that the name carries significance,” Yim said. “Like, I’m half Korean and half African American, and my Mom’s been calling me that since I was a kid doing crazy things. So to me it holds a significance, and it’s cool that, like, my mom can watch RAW and feel like she’s a part of it. So Mia Yim is still forever, that will never change, but this is a new chapter, I’m always evolving and the boys’ have got nicknames, and they needed one for me, and I’m like, ‘what better than Michin?’”

Well, to her credit, Yim was particularly correct; Mia Yim really is forever, as her page on the WWE website has officially reverted back to her long-standing ring name, and there isn't even a mention of “Michin” in the profile. So what gives? Was the whole Michin thing an example of someone in the marketing department getting a bit too eager with an organic nickname? Or did the online outrage make WWE change course? If so, what does that mean for a performer like Sarah Logan, who straight up stole her new look from Max the Impaler? Needless to say, this is going to be an interesting story to follow moving forward.

Mia Yim and The OC explain their newfound allegiance in WWE.

Speaking with Rick Ucchino of Cageside Seats in an interview ahead of Survivor Series WarGames, Yim described joining The OC as a perfect way to return to the WWE Universe and full establish herself as a person of note on the RAW roster.

“I just wanted to be me,” Yim said. “I just wanted to come back and showcase what I’ve been doing for over a decade. And with The OC, we’ve never been close before, but we’ve always known each other. We’ve worked with each other in other companies. I was rooting for AJ in his UpUpDownDown Championship battle with [Tyler] Breeze. Like, we have history,” Yim said. “The OC, The Bullet Club, those are like monumental groups in wrestling. So to be a part of The OC, it’s such an honor, like just to be a part of that group. But the boys are so cool and so welcoming and they really do feel like brothers and I love them to pieces. This was probably the best way for me to come back because, as nervous as I was, being with them kept me calm, cool, and collected. Like, it really helps being with them.”

The Good Brothers, Luke Gallows and “Machine Gun” Karl “Bright Lights” Anderson, echoed a similar sentiment when they stopped by The Bump for Yim’s interview.

“Well we all know I’m great with women,” Gallows said as Yim hid her face in embarrassment. “So I’d love to take credit for this but as much as I like to say we recruited her, she found us and it was a perfect fit. And again, we had a problem, now we have a solution, she’s got blue hair and she’s a bada–, and she’s on our side, OC for life.”

When asked if joining The OC was a perfect fit, Yim agreed.

“I feel like this was a perfect fit,” Yim said. “Like what they said before, we’ve known each other for a while, we’ve never worked together but it feels natural once we’re all together. And it just… I never felt so welcomed in a group.”

Could Yim end up joining “Doc” and “Bright Lights” when they return to Japan later this year to defend the NEVER Openweight Championship? Could she, against all odds, become the third-ever girl to join the ranks of the Bullett Club? Only time will tell, but if their admittedly limited interactions on RAW and online are of any indication, it would appear The OC enjoy each other's company regardless of what they are called.