When Jimmy Uso made his surprise return at SummerSlam to help Roman Reigns, not his twin brother Jey Uso, secure the win in the main event match for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, it turned heads around the professional wrestling world, with even former mainstays of the promotion, like Matt Hardy, weighing in on whether or not the decision with the right call.

Speaking about the match and its implications on his Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, the older member of the Hardy Boyz noted that, in his opinion, WWE made the wrong call splitting up the Fatu brothers after spending their entire professional wrestling careers together, as he doesn't see how the story is going to turn out.

“You know, maybe they have something genius planned, and it’s going to turn into a story that blows us all away, but in my opinion, I would have rather not seen Jimmy turn on Jey,” Matt Hardy said via Wrestling News. “I love the fact that the Usos have been such an important part of the story, I love the fact that they had each other’s back, I love that Jey ended up making the decision to step away from Roman and go away from his brother and for Jimmy to come back; it’s very WWE-ish. Once again, I don’t know, maybe they have something that’s going to blow us away; I don’t know. But I wouldn’t have wanted to split The Usos. I think they were a great tag team, they’re most valuable when they’re together rather than feuding against each other. I would have rather seen Jimmy return and still have Jey’s back in some way, and I don’t know where I would have taken the angle, but I wasn’t crazy about the idea of Jimmy betraying Jey and joining back with Roman.”

Have Matt, and Jeff Hardy wrestled each other from time to time over their 30 or so years in the professional wrestling industry? You bet; according to Cagematch, they've got to bat on 23 occasions in singles action across multiple promotions. Still, time after time, the brothers have come back together and worked as a tag team, just like Jimmy and Jey will inevitably do at some point in the future too.

Matt Hardy reflects on the matches that made the Hardy Boyz in WWE.

Elsewhere on the Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the show's eponymous host reflected on some of the matches that helped to make the Hardy Boyz into the guaranteed future WWE Hall of Famers they are today, from tables matches, to ladder matches, to their signature event, the TLC match. While the brothers Hardy likely would have had a career without these gimmick matches, these signature bouts helped to make the team what they are today.

“We were cognizant of the fact that we had the ability to create something that was going to truly be magical and that could change the game,” Hardy said. “But none of us knew at that moment that it was going to have the impact that it ended up having. We had no idea it was going to trigger the whole TLC era and just really elevate tables, ladders, and chairs matches into a permanent staple of pro wrestling. We had no idea that this was going to be the beginning of that,” Hardy said via Wrestling Inc.

“After they did the deal where Christian pinned Jeff in the corner with a ladder, and then he ran, jumped off the ladder, and dropkicked Jeff in the corner, and there was a huge applause. And then from that point on, the applause just kept growing, little by little, and it got bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger at every spot we did and everything we pulled off” Hardy continued. “And we could see and feel more importantly than see. We could feel inside, within ourselves, that the crowd knew they were witnessing something special. And not only were they appreciative of it, but they were grateful. And it was almost like we were creating this work of art, and they were acknowledging it every step of the way.”

What, you may wonder, is the highest-rated match in Jeff and Matt Hardy's career, according to Dave Meltzer? Well, that would be the Dudley Boyz vs. Edge and Christian vs. the Hardy Boyz in a TLC match. What, you may wonder, is their second-highest graded match? TLC once more, with the team of Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit added to make it into a fatal four-way. Regardless of how much success the Hardys have had inside and out of the WWE Universe, it's clear TLC will be featured in the first paragraph of their Hall of Fame announcement.