Monday Night RAW was a bit of a mixed bag for Imperium.

On one hand, Gunther secured a massive, Premium Live Event-caliber match with Kevin Owens that could have main evented any card on any night in any promotion around the world, but his buddies, Ludwig Kaiser and Giovani Vinci, weren't so lucky, as they got into an impromptu backstage fight with Matt Riddle that led to the latter having to make his way over to RAW Talk on crutches.

Talking to Byron Saxton about the show, Kaiser cut into the question before it could be asked, expressing his dissatisfaction with how Riddle treated the team.

“I am going to cut you off right there, Byron,” Kaiser said. “Tonight was supposed to be a great night for Imperium, and a great night for Imperium means a great night for Monday Night RAW and the entire WWE Universe. But then, this absolute disgrace of a man, Matt Riddle, viciously attacked Geo from behind for no apparent reason, injured him. This man has no integrity, no respect, no honor.”

Gunther, to his credit, was a bit more even keel in his feelings, telling Saxton that the future will be defined by Riddle's actions.

“It still was a glorious night for Imperium,” Gunther said. “Casualties like that are part of the process. But still, I confronted Matt Riddle like a man last week, and I drew the line there. If he still decides to get involved in our business, there will be consequences.”

Are we driving towards a Riddle-Gunther match for the Intercontinental Championship at Money in the Bank? Well, if Gunther's words aren't heeded, that's looking like a very real possibility.