On the Fourth of July, RAW put on a very patriotic show. They had Bobby Lashley cut a very patriotic promo, had the Street Profits throwing a party in the parking lot, and members of the roster even had an impromptu hot dog eating contest in the vein of Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest, which resulted in a win for Akira Tozawa and an in-ring upchuck by a very sick looking Otis.

Surely if you love America, this was a show for you, but there was one member of the WWE Universe – okay, two really – who weren't having it at all, and straight up snapped when R-Truth, dressed as Uncle Sam, came to the arena and began a very bizarre rant about the movie Independence Day: Gunther and his handler Ludwig Kaiser, professionally known as Imperium.

Gunther marched to the ring in his typical red attire and went to town on Uncle Sam-Truth, chopping him down like George Washington's cherry tree while the fans watched on in confusion.

Yikes, Truth definitely didn't see that one coming when he came out to the ring in his best patriotic outfit/white chin wig looking to celebrate the occasion.

Is the WWE Universe going to let Gunther disrespect America like that? Are veterans like Bobby Lashley and Montez Ford going to take that lying down? And what about Chad Gable, who wrestled for this company in the darn Olympics? *sigh* if only the company had an Olympic gold medalist who needed a big-time angle from which to debut into the company full-time. Maybe his name could be Gable too…