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Watch Otis upchuck on WWE’s RAW if you dare

WWE, Otis, RAW, Theory, Bobby Lashley

In honor of the Fourth of July, where the fine folks at the Nathan’s Hot Dogs company have made it a tradition to slam down dogs at a feverish clip for the sake of money, honor, and glory, the WWE Universe had themselves a good old fashioned cookout in the parking lot of the Pechanga Arena in San Diego to celebrate the occasion.

At first, things went smoothly enough, with the Street Profits holding court as the master of ceremonies while chatting it up with the assembled superstars. Ezekiel had a hot dog, Dana Brooke was chased around by the 24//7 Championship chasers, and one unfortunate soul found himself on the wrong end of a toss by Omos, who attended the event with MVP.

But as they tend to do, the Alpha Academy showed up and made everything worse. Before too long, Angelo Dawkins and Otis found themselves booked for a hotdog eating contest despite both being booked for a three-on-three match on RAW with Bobby Lashley and Theory, and after they both lost the WWE equivalent of the Mustard Belt to Akira Tozawa, they went into the arena for their bout.

The results, unsurprisingly, weren’t particularly good, especially for Otis, who had this reaction in the ring.

Yikes! I get eating 23 hot dogs in a short period of time is a lot but goodness, Otis couldn’t have just waited until he got to the back to upchuck instead of doing so basically on his teammate? Not to mention that Angelo Dawkins only had one fewer dog, but worked the match like a champ. Welp, let freedom ring, even if it doesn’t free one of the consequences of their actions, which include throwing up after eating 23 hot dogs.