As crazy as it may sound, Shayna Baszler has never won a singles match on a main roster WWE Premium Live Event.

Sure, she's secured plenty as a member of the NXT roster during his championship reign, and she's won bouts as members of multiple different tag teams, but after spending over half a decade in the WWE Universe, a singles win had alluded the “Queen of Spades” on a PLE… at least until SummerSlam, and the match in question will live on forever as arguably the crowning achievement of her storied career.

Taking the ring against her former tag team partner and long-term training partner, Baszler had little time for pleasantries with her long-time friend, avoiding the fist bump at the start of the match to instead come out hot with a brutal running knee to the face. After Ronda Rousey was cleared to continue competing, she got in on some brutal blows of her own, almost sending Baszler to the showers before throwing away the medical professionals in order to get the win all on her own.

That win, however, wouldn't ultimately come, as Baszler secured her signature maneuver, the Kirifuda Clutch, on the “Baddest Woman on the Planet” and iced her out on the way to a win by technical submission, as the referees deemed Rousey was unable to continue.

Was this match great? No, it was probably the weakest of the first four matches on the show and even garnered notable boos from the crowd but in the end, Rousey put her pal over on the way out the door, and that deserved to be commended. Ride this babyface momentum well, Shayna Baszler.