After weeks and weeks of anticpation, WWE's SummerSlam is finally here.

Soon fans will find out who will be able too call themselves the “Tribal Chief” who will hold the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and who will be the champion of Slim Jim and earn a shot at Austin Theory's United States Championship.

And the best part? Everyone is invited to the “biggest party of the summer,” as all you need is a Peacock subscription to get throgh the door. So, with the biggest show of the summer mere hours away, here are eight bold predictions about how the card could shake out.

8. Ricochet pulls out the surprise SummerSlam W.

After losing every match he's wrestled in so far in 2023, it felt like Logan Paul was going to easily take care of Ricochet and secure the biggest win of his WWE career.

… but then the “Maverck” decided to make things personal in a viral moment that brought Ricochet's real-life fiance Samantha Irvin into the conversation, and suddenly, it felt like the entire dynamic shifted on the spot.

Could Paul still pull out the win? Sure, he is the biggest star in the match, but at the end of the day, this win won't do nearly as much for Paul as it would for Ricochet, and thus, he deserves the rub.

7. LA Knight doesn't win the Slim Jim Battle Royal

Should LA Knight win the Slim Jim Battle Royal? Yes, he's the most over non-champion in the WWE Universe, and, considering Cody Rhodes will also be wrestling on the show, that's really saying something.

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Will LA Knight win the Slim Jim Battle Royal? No, unfortunately, this feels like another opportunity for Paul “Triple H” Levesque to swerve out the fans once more and give them something to complain about online while he racks in the merchandise sales dollars. Finger's crossed I'm wrong.

6. Shayna Basler retired Ronda Rousey… at least for now.

With Ronda Rousey reportedly on the way out of the WWE Universe, using her exit to put over her long-time friend is a pretty kind thing for a performer who understands both her star power and how fans feel about her at the moment to do.

Set to face off in an MMA Rules match in WWE's first true cross-over with their new brother company, expect Shayna Baszler to submit or KO the “Baddest Woman on the Planet” when the time comes and get celebrated like a hero as a result.

5. Gunther retains his Intercontinental Championship

Would it be cool to see Drew McIntyre beat Gunther at SummerSlam? Sure, McIntyre is long overdue for another title reign in the WWE Universe, and his matches with Gunther have been fantastic thus far.

Will it happen? Probably not, as Gunther needs to hold the Intercontinental Championship until September to officially overtake the Honky Tonk Man as the longest-reigning WWE Champion in the promotion's history, and as fans learned at WrestleMania 39, Triple H will forgo giving the people what they want in the moment in favor of making history.

4. Finn Balor costs Damian Priest his Money in the Bank cash-in

Who is going to leave SummerSlam with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship? Will it be Seth Rollins, the current title holder and the man who has seemingly had a leg up on everyone he's wrestled since May? His challenger, Finn Balor, who has been looking to get revenge for his Universal Championship injury since mid-way through the last decade? Or how about Damian Priest, Señor Money in the Bank, who could change the match's math in an instant?

For the sake of bold predictions, Rollins should be the man who leaves Detroit with the title, but only because Balor hits Priest with a Coup De Grace before Rollins slides in for the 1-2-3. Add some good old-fashioned drams to The Judgment Day.

3. Charlotte Flair becomes the WWE Women's Champion… for a few minutes.

For the 15th time in her WWE career, Charlotte Flair will hold a WWE Women's Championship above her head… for about a minute or two. Then IYO SKY will fly into the ring with her white and gold briefcase, cash in her contract, and hit the “Queen” with a Moonsault in order to add the WWE Women's Championship to her already impressive resume.

If Flair's goal is to match or even overcome her father's championship reign total of 16, adding a quicky like this could build things up for a very interesting opportunity at WrestleMania 40.

2. Cody Rhodes finally defeats the “Beast” in his closet

After weeks and weeks of anticipation, Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar will finally have their rubber match at SummerSlam.

Who will win? After dropping his match to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39, the safe money is on Rhodes going over this time… unless, of course, he really wants to double down on his AEW-style martyr complex and work through even more “Hard Times” in the WWE Universe.

1. Roman Reigns retains the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship

Tell me if you've heard this one before: WWE spent weeks, months, or even longer building up a performer as the rightful man to dethrone Roman Reigns only for Paul Heyman to pull that football away at the last second and leave fans around the world with hurt feelings.

Now granted, Jey Uso has a better claim to the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship than most, as he's been waiting on this rubber match with his uncle since all the way back in 2020 but at the end of the day, no one is going to unseat the “Tribal Chief” until someone unseats the “Tribal Chief,” so it's better to be surprised by a victory than disapointed by a predictable loss.