When Chad Gable broke the news on Gorilla Position just before the start of Clash at the Castle that he'd re-signed with WWE ahead of his contract expiring, it added a sense of excitement to the Glasgow-based Premium Live Event.

Would Gable defeat Sami Zayn and become the new Intercontinental Champion, adding a new title to his resume alongside being the “Master” of the Alpha Academy? Or would his faction finally turn on their leader, unofficially ending the Alpha Academy while giving Zayn the opening he would need to retain his title?

Well, as it turns out, it was the latter, with Gable being left alone without a faction, title, or a clear path to success moving forward, but frankly, when Paul “Triple H” Levesque discussed Gable's spot within the WWE Universe with Gorilla Position as part of the Clash at the Castle post-show press conference, he sounded incredibly optimistic about the “Master's future,” as he doesn't want to see him wrestle anywhere else.

“Well, one, that's very flattering, and I'm humbled that he would say that, but the truth is, he's an amazing performer, and I would like for him to be here forever, for him to be able to perform at the highest level and be seen by the most people, have an incredible career, leave here as healthy as possible. But the environment has changed, and he is part of that change, so to me, it would have been a shame, and I would have been sad if he was here all this time and he had just went elsewhere for whatever reason. I would've have been happy for him if that was right for him, and I would have wished him incredible success wherever he went, that's part of the game, that's a part of this business, but he's an incredible performer, and as far the conversations we had, that's not mine to talk about,if he wants to talk about it, that's his business, but it's not mine to talk about,” Triple H told reporters after Clash at the Castle.

“I'm just thrilled that he's here. I'm thrilled that here's home where he should be, and like I said with CM Punk, we're all doing this together, that's what's great about this, there's a unified movement that everyone seems to be loving, and we're all heading in the same direction. It's just a massive movement of excited young talent and some old talent that are looking to run through a wall to take this to another level, as big as it is. That are looking to take this beyond anyone's expectations of what it can be. And I think that mindset, especially with people like Chad who, Chad came up through the PC and we've worked together for a long time, so I know what his expectations are because we helped to put them in him, and I'm just thrilled he's here and I'm excited to move forward with him.”

You know, you've got to give it to Levesque; his insight is right on the money, as his predecessor, Vince McMahon, literally turned Gable into a joke character because “Shorty G” only measured in at 5-foot-8 instead of the 6-foot-3 he typically looked for in a WWE Superstar. With technical abilities that would make darn near any other member of the WWE Universe blush, it's nice to see that Gable is going to reap the benefits of his in-ring abilities in a much more inclusive version of the company moving forward.

Triple H's comments fit with what Chad Gable said on Gorilla Position.

Speaking of Chad Gable's comments to Gorilla Position before Clash at the Castle, it really is interesting to see what he had to say in relation to Triple H's comments and on how his match with Sami Zayn took place as, where in the past he might have fallen victim of being a roadblock on someone else's story, he is clearly part of one of RAW‘s top storylines heading into the future.

“Yes, I have. What I'll say, regarding Hunter [Triple H]. When he got started with us and took over. I think you saw my trajectory change almost immediately. Even when I was in a tag team with Otis, I started getting singles matches with some of our top guys. To me, a light bulb went off, ‘Things might be different now,' and they have been ever since. He's delivered on everything he's ever told me,” Chad Gable told Gorilla Position via Fightful.

“When I first came to him, and me and Otis were floundering and not doing much, he said what he was doing was trying to find consistent places on TV for everybody every week. Whether it was a little chunk of TV or a big one; everyone should be involved at some point. At the time, I was like, ‘I've heard all this before,' and it gets to you, but I saw it was true, and it was delivered. Even if we only had a minute or two every week, we were getting it and we were involved in something and maximizing our minutes. The fact that he delivers on what he says, it has gone a long way with someone like me. Now, that's paying off, and I'm having the run of my life, and I'm having a blast.”

If Gable's top goal was to feel like a performer who is being taken seriously by his promotion, booked with meaningful storylines, and treated with dignity instead of like a joke, it's clear he found a promoter who perfectly aligns with those desires, as it's clear Triple H likes booking him as much as he likes wrestling for “The Game.”