Xbox Series X Now Only $349 In The US!

Explore the surprising price drop of Xbox Series X to $349 at Walmart and the potential future plans of Microsoft.

Xbox Series X Now Only $349 In The US at Walmart

The Xbox Series X, Microsoft's flagship gaming console, is now being offered at an unprecedented low price of $349 at Walmart. This substantial price drop from its original $499.99 ERP comes with an option to include the popular game Diablo 4, adding significant value to the deal. This drastic reduction has set off a flurry of rumors and speculation about Microsoft's future strategies for the Xbox Series X.

The current offering at Walmart surpasses even the Black Friday promotion, which saw the Xbox Series X's price dip to $400. This new deal is notably available to all customers, without the need for a Walmart+ subscription, making it highly accessible. This price cut has sparked discussions among enthusiasts and analysts alike, leading many to speculate that Microsoft might be preparing for a major announcement related to the Xbox Series X.

Adding fuel to the speculative fire, Microsoft has recently teased significant announcements to be made at The Game Awards on December 7. It's important to note that in 2019, Microsoft chose this event to reveal the Xbox Series X console and Ninja Theory’s game, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2. The proximity of these forthcoming announcements to the unexpected price drop of the Xbox Series X at Walmart suggests that these events may be interconnected.

Further intrigue was added by leaked documents that emerged in September, unintentionally revealing Microsoft's long-term gaming strategy. According to these documents, a project codenamed ‘Brooklin‘ is underway, indicating a redesigned Xbox Series X console set for a November 2024 release. This new version, priced at $499, is rumored to exclude the standard Series X’s disc tray but compensate with a larger 2TB of storage. A particularly exciting feature of this new model is the supposed inclusion of “a more immersive controller” equipped with advanced haptic feedback, an accelerometer, modular thumbsticks, and a rechargeable, swappable battery.

The leaks also revealed plans for an updated Xbox Series S, expected to launch in September 2024. This refreshed model is purported to boast enhanced Wi-Fi support and an increased storage capacity of 1TB.

These developments and the current price drop at Walmart have led to widespread speculation. Some believe that the reduced price of the Xbox Series X is a strategy to clear existing inventory in anticipation of the new hardware. Others suggest it could be a competitive move in the gaming market, aiming to attract more users to the Xbox ecosystem, especially with the holiday season approaching.

Additionally, there has been discussions about the potential impact of the new console designs and features. The promise of a more immersive controller and increased storage capacity is particularly appealing to gamers who prioritize performance and user experience. Moreover, the move towards a disc-less console reflects a broader industry trend towards digital distribution and cloud gaming.

Amidst this speculation, Microsoft has maintained its characteristic secrecy about its plans for the Xbox Series X. The company has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors and leaks, adding to the anticipation surrounding its upcoming announcements at The Game Awards.

What is clear, however, is that the current offer at Walmart presents an exceptional opportunity for gamers to acquire the Xbox Series X at a significantly reduced price. Whether this is a precursor to new hardware releases or simply a strategic move to boost sales remains to be seen. Nonetheless, the gaming community is eagerly awaiting December 7 for what might be a pivotal moment in the Xbox Series X's history.

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