The New York Yankees are expected to be a contender this season, but that was also the case last year, and things didn't pan out. The Yankees have a lot of talent, but that talent is getting older, and last year, they were plagued with injury trouble. New York should be looking at available free agents to bolster the roster.

Last season, the Yankees ended up finishing in fourth place in the AL East. That wasn't how they imagined their season going, but injury trouble mixed with a loaded division resulted in a difficult year. New York finished with a winning record as they ended up being 82-80, but their division was way too good for that to cut it.

The Yankees are hoping that they can consistently stay healthy this season, but if last year taught us anything, that's not always the case. New York might be looking to make some moves to help their roster, and Aaron Judge hinted that it is a possibility.

“I definitely feel like there might be another move on the way but you never know,” Aaron Judge said, according to a tweet from Greg Joyce.

That is certainly an interesting quote from Judge. He is the face of the Yankees team, and when he says something like that, he is usually saying it for a reason.

The season is right around the corner for the Yankees as Spring Training games get underway on Saturday for the team. New York will open up playing against the Detroit Tigers.

After Spring Training, the regular season will be here, and that isn't very far away. The MLB regular season officially starts on March 20th, but the Yankees don't start their season until March 28th against the Houston Astros. Until then, there is sure to be a lot of news in the MLB world as it'll be a busy month.