Aaron Judge is really, really good at baseball. The New York Yankees' superstar outfielder is making a run at another MVP with an incredible 2023 season.

Judge made two massive plays in the Yankees' 6-3 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium. In addition to extending New York's lead with a home run — his 19th of the season, second only to Pete Alonso on the MLB leaderboard — Judge made an impressive running catch right at the wall in right field, crashing through the bullpen fence.

Gerrit Cole, who did his part in the win by allowing just one run in six innings, was very impressed with Judge's amazing play, according to ESPN's news service.

“Honestly, I feel like it probably softened the blow a little bit,” Cole said, via ESPN. “For him to just blow through it, I think it took a little bit of the kinetic energy out of just slamming up against the wall, but it's still very concerning when such a great player has to go so hard into the wall. He's got a lot of guts.”

Judge is once again leading MLB in OPS with 1.078 and, as crazy as it seems, he is showing signs of being even better than he was last season. His OPS+ is amazing but it's still much lower than last year (193 this year compared to 211) and he's striking out four percent more. However, his peripheral stats are really promising.

He's hitting home runs at the same rate he did last season (8.9 percent), hitting the ball harder on average (a career-high 97.2 exit velocity, compared to 95.8 last season) and recording hard hits 63.2 percent of the time, up 1.4 percent from last season. His frequency of ground balls is way down while his frequencies in line drives and fly balls are up. Judge is in the midst of a stretch of dominance rarely seen in baseball.

The Yankees, once again, have needed every bit of Judge to be competitive this season. The ultra-stacked AL East, New York trails the Tampa Bay Rays and Baltimore Orioles in the standings. With a player as unbelievable as Judge, they'll be a threat against any team they face.