The New York Yankees acquired superstar Juan Soto in a trade this past offseason. New York missed the postseason in 2023 and adding Soto should help them rebound in 2024. Soto is set to join superstar Aaron Judge in the lineup, and he revealed what fans can expect from Judge and himself this season.

“We both know the strike zone pretty well. I think it's going to be two walks, or it's going to be two gappers,” Soto said, via YES Network. “It's going to be fun. I think it's going to be great.”

Of course, we will see plenty of home runs between Judge, Soto, and Giancarlo Stanton. But Soto's comments hint at what could be the underlying X-factor for New York.

Yankees' X-factor in 2024

Walks. Yes, walks might just be New York's path to rebounding in 2024.

Juan Soto arguably has the best plate discipline in the league. He recorded a stellar .410 OBP (on-base percentage) in 2023, and owns a .421 OBP for his career. It's rare for such a young player, as Soto is just 25 years old, to display impressive plate discipline.

Soto has already led the league in walks on three separate occasions, most recently doing so in 2023. He will likely hit in front of Judge in the lineup, as Judge has expressed a desire to bat third in 2024.

Judge, though, also has a great eye at the plate. He has led the league in walks twice and recorded a .406 OBP in 2023. In 2022, Judge's MVP season, he posted a remarkable .425 OBP. Overall, his career OBP sits at .396.

Getting on base is crucial. Walks aren't always the most exciting way to take care of business, but Yankees fans will be content as long as the team finds ways to win. Of course, Judge and Soto are extremely dangerous when they take the bat of their shoulder.

If pitchers choose to challenge New York's star-studded duo, they will likely regret the decision.