Tattoos have always been a source of personal expression for individuals around the globe, and that includes NBA players. Some choose a name, symbol or portrait, while others go for entire works of art. However, there are also those who choose to leave their bodies free of ink. It's a personal decision, after all.

Many of today's great athletes are known for their distinct works of body art. Lakers superstar LeBron James, for instance, has a crowned lion on his right bicep. This was his first arm tattoo, but like many others who've had a taste of tattooing, it wouldn't be his last.

In this piece, though, we're ranking the top-10 NBA players who have decided to go tattoo-free thus far.

Honorable mentions: Zion Williamson and Karl-Anthony Towns

Zion is arguably the most-hyped player coming into the NBA since LeBron James. With so much popularity, one might think a few tattoos would be in order.

Zion Williamson, Pelicans

Nope. Not according to our research, at least. As far as we know, Zion doesn't have any tattoos. Let's see if the former Duke standout changes his mind at some point down the road.

Karl-Anthony Towns is another notable player without tattoos. In 2015, however, the former Kentucky Wildcat joked that he would get a Louisville Cardinal tattooed on his forehead for an NBA championship.

“I would do anything I need to do to get a title, but I know after the title's in my hand, I'm probably going to get (the tattoo) lasered off,” Towns said, via Sporting News.

Maybe some day.

10. Ben Simmons

Simmons comes in at No. 10 on our list. The 24-year-old Aussie doesn't have any ink yet (that we know of), but might he change his mind as the years of his career go on?

Playing the power forward position instead of his traditional point guard role, Simmons is trying out something new in the NBA bubble.

9. Kemba Walker

Kemba was the face of the Charlotte Hornets franchise for eight years. Some athletes might choose to have inkwork done to commemorate such a stint, but he did not, which is totally fine.

Now a member of the Boston Celtics, Walker is continuing to produce, and he seems to have no discomfort in his previously injured knee. The team, however, has said that they will still be cautious with his playing time throughout his time in the NBA bubble.

8. Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler is a player who has been around the proverbial block. His NBA career began in Chicago, where he played six seasons with the Bulls. Then he was off to Minnesota, Philadelphia, and finally, Miami.

Jimmy Butler, Heat

Some players get tattoos to remember their time spent with various organizations, but it seems Butler did not take this route. Again, totally fine.

7. Kyle Lowry

Kyle Lowry's name has become synonymous with the Toronto Raptors, as he has been the face of that franchise since 2012. The scrappy point guard is beloved in Canada for delivering the nation its first NBA championship in 2019.

Maybe Kyle will get Toronto's dinosaur mascot tattooed on his body at some point. We'll root for that.

6. Klay Thompson

A “Splash Brothers” tattoo may seem appropriate in Thompson's case. Maybe a big wave with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background? However, like the rest of our entries on this list, Klay doesn't have any tattoos.

5. Joel Embiid

Embiid is a jovial character, and his smile is contagious. On the court, however, the Cameroonian big man is a force in the paint.

Sixers, Joel Embiid

Embiid and Simmons form quite the dynamic duo in Philadelphia. Tattoos or not, Embiid is still proving to be a monster on the low block.

4. Nikola Jokic

“The Joker,” as Jokic is known, has established himself as one of the NBA's best big men. He's not just a force in the paint, however. The 7-foot Serbian also has a fairly clean stroke from the perimeter, which often draws opposing bigs out of position.

Beyond his rebounding and shooting prowess, Jokic is also an excellent facilitator and arguably the best passing center in the game today.

3. Chris Paul

CP3 has been an inspiration to young point guards around the globe. His killer cross-ups and skillfully aimed passes are often borrowed by other players. However, there are few who truly see the court as well as he does.

Paul continues to put up solid numbers, even into his mid-30s. The veteran is now the leader of an upstart Oklahoma City Thunder squad.

2. James Harden

James Harden comes in at No. 2 on this list of NBA players who are without tattoos.

Though some have questioned his defensive effort in the past, The Beard seems to be showing some improvement on that end of the floor. When it comes to scoring, though, there are few better than James Harden. He's leading the NBA in scoring yet again, and he has become one of the greatest offensive players of all time.

1. Giannis Antetokounmpo

You could go a lot of different ways with a tattoo featuring “The Greek Freak” as its headline, but the Milwaukee Bucks superstar doesn't have any ink yet.

Giannis Antetokounmpo, Bucks, NBA

With zero tattoos, Giannis has become arguably the best player in the NBA. Right now, the Bucks star is near the top in several statistical categories this season, and he's looking to lead his team on a deep playoff run inside the Orlando bubble.

Antetokounmpo is in position to repeat as the NBA's Most Valuable Player, which is quite the accomplishment.