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2 perfect options for the New York Giants at No. 4 in the 2020 NFL Draft


The New York Giants went 4-12 in 2019. That was one of the worst records in the NFL. In fact, that’s good enough to give them the fourth pick in the upcoming 2020 NFL Draft.

Despite that though, they do have some serious talent in place. Daniel Jones is set to be their franchise quarterback. They also have superstar running back Saquon Barkley leading the offense.

Meanwhile, wide receiver Sterling Shepard and tight end Evan Engram are clearly stars in the passing game.

Even the defense that struggled mightily all year long has some pieces in place. There are also clearly a lot of holes on this team though.

With that in mind, who should the Giants take with the fourth overall pick? Here are two options that would be perfect fits for the team.

2. Jeff Okudah – Cornerback (Ohio State)

The New York defense has a lot of issues. Perhaps the biggest comes at cornerback.

Their most legitimate player at that position last season was Janoris Jenkins. He was cut towards the end of the season.

Jeff Okudah was a standout superstar on the Ohio State defense. Do you know how hard it must’ve been to get as much recognition as Okudah did while Chase Young was utterly dominating and eating up the headlines along the way?

That just shows how good he is. Okudah is one of the best cornerback prospects in a long time. If he’s available, it’s hard to imagine the Giants will pass on him.

He’s ready to start immediately and could be one of the best cornerbacks in football in a very short amount of time.

1. Andrew Thomas – Left Tackle (Georgia)

If the Giants don’t go Okudah, there’s another very obvious choice. Andrew Thomas is the best offensive lineman in the 2020 NFL Draft. He also happens to be a left tackle. That’s the position many consider to be the most important on the offensive line.

New York has Jones at quarterback. Despite a few issues, he showed a lot of signs of being the long-term solution at quarterback for them.

However, the protection for Jones was pretty horrendous. You could make a pretty easy argument that the reason he fumbled so often was that he was constantly getting hit.

Thomas will provide an immediate upgrade at left tackle. He also looks like he could be someone that could protect Jones for the next 15 years.

If both Okudah and Thomas are available at four, the Giants will have a hard time choosing. The good news is, one of them will be available. And it’s impossible to go wrong with either of them.

So as long as New York takes one, they will be upgrading significantly.