The Detroit Pistons finished another season deep in the lottery, ending with a 23-59 record. Unfortunately for them, they were unable to really fight for the postseason, but the Pistons ended up landing the fifth pick, securing Jaden Ivey in the 2022 NBA Draft. Now, as they look to build upon these foundations, the Pistons might look into using their assets to pursue some big players. We are aware that there are some giant names available on the market, so the Pistons might look to open up the bag for one of them.

In that vein, let's look at two unrealistic trades the Pistons must try to make in the 2022 NBA offseason.

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Unrealistic Pistons Trades In 2022 NBA Offseason

Pistons get Donovan Mitchell; Jazz get Kelly Olynyk, Saddiq Bey, 2023 first-round pick (if under 18th spot), 2025, 2027 first-round picks, 2024 pick swap

Starting off with a bang, the Pistons could get better instantly by making a deal to bring in Donovan Mitchell from the Utah Jazz. After the Jazz traded away Rudy Gobert for a similar haul, they might look to trade Mitchell as well and completely start over. If they were to do that, the Pistons could offer a massive package of picks, Kelly Olynyk to make it work financially, and Saddiq Bey, an interesting prospect who just ended a season averaging 16.1 points in 33 minutes as the starting shooting guard for the Pistons. Nevertheless, let's look at why both teams say yes to this deal.

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From the Jazz side, it is really the picks, combined with the intriguing future of Saddiq Bey. It is more or less well known that Mitchell is not winning any franchise an NBA title, so the Jazz might look to move on. The Pistons have assets to work with and they need a star, so this just seems like a no-brainer for the Jazz. After taking four first-round picks from the Minnesota Timberwolves, owning three more first-round selections could be incredible for a start of a rebuild. Additionally, they would be starting the rebuild at a great point in time, as losing this year could bring them a better chance at landing Victor Wembanyama, a top prospect in the 2023 NBA Draft.

From the Pistons' side, they do this deal to pair up their star Cade Cunningham with a dynamic backcourt partner. Mitchell is not exactly a tier-one superstar in this league, but with Cunningham progressing as he should, these two would be enough to make the playoffs in the Eastern Conference. It would also leave the Pistons with more chances to get stars or quality role players, both in free agency and in the trade market. Last, but certainly not least, Mitchell is tied to a contract for at least four more years, meaning that the Pistons could take their time in their rebuild. It just makes a ton of sense for everyone involved to do this deal, especially the Pistons.

Pistons get Myles Turner; Pacers get 2024 pick swap, 2025 first-round pick (lottery protected) 

Getting this kind of package for an expiring contract is not something we see often, but if the Pistons want to improve their frontline dramatically, they should pull this move off. Myles Turner is a player that could be great, but it seems like he is stuck playing inconsistent basketball. That is likely why the Pacers made him available in trade talks, alongside Caris LeVert and Domantas Sabonis when the season started. While both of them were traded, Turner is left and could be traded away this summer or this season, as the Pacers look to get some value out of him. Let's see why the trade works for both sides.

For the Pacers, getting Pistons' first-rounders, even if one is a swap and the other lottery-protected, is a premium package for an expiring deal. He is set to make $18 million this season and from the perspective of a franchise that looks to get rid of a player, that is basically dead money. Thus, they should put some life into it and trade it away, so they can acquire a trade exception and some assets. However, the main reason why the Pacers pull this off is those elusive ping-pong lottery balls, as they will determine who gets Wembanyama in the 2023 Draft.

For the Pistons, acquiring Turner would give them a chance to remain somewhat competitive in the 2022-23 season, without tying themselves up in a long-term deal. They could test out the waters with Turner, seeing how he works out with the plethora of guards and wings on their roster, and see how he works in the frontcourt with Marvin Bagley. If it works out, they could re-sign him to a long-term deal, but if he ends up failing, it would just cost them a pick-swap with a team that likely will not use it, and a lottery-protected first-rounder in three years. It is a no-brainer for the Pistons to pull the trigger here.