2020 NFL Draft: The best NFL comparisons for Alabama WR Henry Ruggs III
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Henry Ruggs III, NFL Draft

2020 NFL Draft: The best NFL comparisons for Alabama WR Henry Ruggs III

Henry Ruggs III had to play behind elite receivers like Jerry Jeudy and Devonta Smith last season at Alabama but with an excellent showing at the 2020 NFL Draft Combine, the speedy wideout has done wonders for his draft stock and could very well see himself picked fairly early in the first round.

While Ruggs isn’t seen as quite the pro prospect as his teammates Jeudy or quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, the junior pass-catcher has inspired multiple impressive pro comparisons.

Ted Ginn Jr.

I’m certainly not the only one to make this comparison. NFL Analyst Lance Zierlein has Ginn as Ruggs’ pro comparison and the reasons are obvious. The two share similar size at 5-foot-11, 188 (Ruggs) and 5-foot-11, 180 (Ginn) respectively and have similar skill sets.

The most obvious comparison comes when you look at their speed. Ginn was an absolute burner at Ohio State and Ruggs was no different. Henry Ruggs III’s 4.27 40-yard dash was the top mark at the 2020 combine and just barely bests Ginn’s reported 4.28 time.

While Ruggs probably has a higher ceiling, Ginn, while never an elite wide receiver in the league, enjoyed a successful 13-year NFL career that saw him gain 5,702 receiving yards and 33 touchdowns.

DeSean Jackson

Sensing a pattern here? Jackson is another slightly undersized wideout with blazing fast speed and quickness. One of the best deep threats in the NFL over the past decade or so, Jackson, while slightly slowing down at 33 years old, is still able to be an effective weapon in the league.

While Ruggs is probably more of a threat to take it to the house after the catch, the Bama receivers’ 18.7 yards per reception as a junior last year bodes well for his future as a Jackson-type player in the future.

Tyreek Hill

Speaking of taking any pass to the house, no one does that better today than Kansas City Chiefs star Tyreek Hill. Seen as possibly the fastest man in the NFL, Hill can turn a short slant into an 80-yard touchdown like it’s nothing.

Fans shouldn’t expect Henry Ruggs III to be that good right away, but the athletic wideout pairs his elite speed with soft hands and outstanding body control.

Hill only played one year at Oklahoma State and like Ruggs, wasn’t the top option at receiver. Yet, four years into his NFL career, Hill has made four Pro Bowls and has two First-Team All-Pro selections to his name.