The 2023 WNBA draft is here. For many players, they don't get much of a break. Almost immediately after the NCAA season ends, WNBA draft preparation begins. The draft will be held on Monday, Apr. 10 at 7 P.M. EST and will consistent of three rounds with 12 picks per round. After some uncertainty, South Carolina's Aliyah Boston officially declared for the WNBA draft. She is considered a generational talent and widely expected to be the No. 1 pick for the Indiana Fever. After that, the draft isn't so much of a certainty. Several players who were projected first round picks opted to return to college. Here's a look at how the entire first round could play out.

Indiana Fever: Aliyah Boston

This is the pick that is 100 percent a certainty. Aliyah Boston is the prize of the WNBA draft. She's the type of player who can transform a franchise and that's what the Fever are banking on. She is a post presence who possesses strong footwork and is efficient around the basket. She can also step out and shoot the little elbow jumper. On the defensive end she is a rim protector who can anchor a defense. A strong presence on the boards as well. The Fever had a nice collection of young talent, they just need a star to plug into the lineup. Boston can be just that.

Minnesota Lynx: Diamond Miller

This is where the draft gets a little bit murkier. Diamond Miller is probably going to be the No. 2 overall pick although earlier in the college season it wasn't such a sure thing. Miller is a slashing guard who is strong in transition and has good overall size. When she gets downhill and attacks, she has a knack for being able to find the open teammate. For a wing, her three-point percentage is probably not where you'd want it to be, but that's something that can be worked on and improved. She's a strong talent and has the potential to be the best wing of the draft.

Dallas Wings: Jordan Horston

Jordan Horston is an elite talent on the wing. It's possible that she might even end up as the No. 2 pick. Three-point shooting is also a concern for Horston though. It's imperative that guards and wings can shoot the three-ball in today's game. But again, that's something that can be worked on with time. Horston brings elite scoring ability and a solid defensive presence. She's able to attack the basket and can be a strong finisher. She could stand to cut down the turnovers though. The minutes are available for Horston right away with the Wings.

Washington Mystics: Maddy Siegrist

Maddy Siegrist is an interesting player in that her position in the WNBA isn't as clear. Is she a small forward or a power forward? She may not have the foot speed to defend quicker threes in the league but doesn't quite have the size to defend bigger fours. She's an intriguing player though. She was the nation's leading scorer and is a floor spacer. She can knock down the three as a stretch-four. She has enough talent for a team to take a flyer on her and it's possible the Wings nab her at No. 3. If so, expect the Mystics to select Jordan Horston.

Dallas Wings: Stephanie Soares

Stephanie Soares is another intriguing player who is a bit of a question mark. She had her time at Iowa State cut short due to injury and most of her sample size comes from the NAIA. She fits the modern WNBA game though. She's a big who can do different things on the court. She can post up and score, she can space the floor with her three-point shooting, she can defend the paint, she's got the right combination of skills. She will miss the upcoming season though as she rehabs from her injury and so a team like the Wings can potentially nab her and not have to worry about her taking up a roster spot as they have multiple first round picks and a roster crunch.

Atlanta Dream: Haley Jones

Haley Jones is another player who could be up and down in the first round. Earlier this season she was considered by some to be the No. 2 pick in the WNBA draft behind Aliyah Boston. But her season didn't quite go as expected and she didn't quite show the improvement as some might have hoped. She's in the mold of a point forward who can be efficient around the basket and make the right pass/play. Her three-point shot is not what you would want it to be, however. On the defensive end, she's solid and can defend multiple positions.

Indiana Fever: Grace Berger

It's going to be hard for the Fever to pass up on a hometown kid. Berger is a first round talent in her own right and the Fever would do well to help grow the WNBA game by trying to draw some of Berger's college fans. As far as her on court play, she's kind of a combo guard. Good ball-handler who can be a playmaker and is able to create her own shot. She just had her most efficient three-point shooting season at 40.7 percent. She can carve out a nice role in the WNBA as a backup guard.

Atlanta Dream: Lou Lopez-Sénéchal

Lou Lopez-Sénéchal is a solid shooter and off-ball player. She doesn't need to have the ball in her hands to be effective as she's mastered the art of consistent movement and using off-ball screens to free herself up. Good catch and shoot ability. She's one of the best shooters in the draft. She could be drafted anywhere in the mid to late first round. She's one of the more WNBA ready players.

Seattle Storm: Brea Beal

Brea Beal has dealt with question marks all season about how she projects as a WNBA player. One thing is for certain though, you can't teach her defensive ability. One of the top defenders in the country, that bodes well for her pro prospects. She's an off-ball player and can fit in with any offense. She's in the mold of a 3&D player who shot the best three-point percentage of her career at 38 percent.

Los Angeles Sparks: Ashley Joens

Ashley Joens is a scorer and the Sparks certainly could use that. She can play both guard and forward and she is a good shooter from three-point range. The Sparks are in need of wing shooting help after the injury to Stephanie Talbot and Joens might be able to help in that department. She's in the mold of a solid WNBA role player.

Dallas Wings: Taylor Mikesell

Taylor Mikesell is one of the top shooters in the draft. The Sparks could select her at N0. 10 but if not, the Wings should make her their pick. A catch and shoot player with a quick release. The defensive end may be a bit of a weakness for her but if she can knock down open threes at a high clip, it could ultimately negate that.

Minnesota Lynx: Laeticia Amihere

With the final pick in the first round of the WNBA draft, the Lynx could go with Laeticia Amihere. Amihere is a good defensive player and that's the top skill she can bring to the pro level. Offensively she might not bring much to the table but she doesn't need to. A defensive role player can be her ceiling.

The draft isn't an exact science and the only thing that's for sure is Aliyah Boston will be the top pick in the WNBA draft.