The San Antonio Spurs are in a very interesting situation because they certainly do have some talent on their team, but they could decide to get rid of some guys.

It would be tough to argue that they are in a good position right now because quite frankly, they just really aren't. They're currently in 11th place in the Western Conference and don't have any real chance of competing for an NBA title in the near future.

They either need to decide about going into a complete rebuild mode or going out and getting a guy or two to pair next to Dejounte Murray. If they do decide to get rid of Murray at the NBA trade deadline, they do need to get back a return that he is worth because he is certainly a very good player in this league, and getting anything back other than a superstar, and some draft picks, will not be what the Spurs want to do. Trading him for a guy like Ben Simmons would not make much sense in terms of the Spurs' perspective and they cannot allow something like that to happen.

Let's take a look at three guys that the San Antonio Spurs might benefit from trading at the NBA trade deadline

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Spurs NBA Trade Deadline

3. Thaddeus Young

Thaddeus Young will definitely be moved at the NBA trade deadline and it actually is a good thing for the Spurs. Unfortunately for Sain Antonio, he could be hard to match salaries with other guys just because of how much he is making. Fortunately for the Spurs, he is somebody who can defend at a high level and every contending team is going to be looking for somebody like that.

Young could get back a decent trade package and that is something that the Spurs are going to have to keep in mind. It will be in their best interest to decide to get rid of him. With how well of a defender he is, many teams are going to look at him like a PJ Tucker situation that the  Milwaukee Bucks were fortunate enough to get last year. Teams are definitely going to try to go out and get a power forward who can defend the one through five positions at a high level.

2.  Bryn Forbes

Bryn Forbes could be one of the better options that San Antonio does have to trade at the deadline because he did show last year with the Milwaukee Bucks that he can hit the three-point shot at an incredibly high rate and help win a playoff series for a contending team. Last year against the Miami Heat, he outscored Jimmy Butler and was a major reason why the Bucks were able to sweep the Heat.

Many contending teams are always going to be looking for a lockdown 3-point shooter, and he could get back a draft pick or two which the Spurs are going to desperately need.

He is also making $4 million this season so he could be an interesting name to pair with somebody else if the Spurs do want to bring in somebody to pair next to Dejounte Murray. It probably wouldn't make the most sense for them to go out and get a true second star, because there are other areas that they're going to need to improve on this season and they aren't ready to compete for an NBA title.

It will be interesting to see what the Spurs decide to do at the trade deadline with Forbes. The chances are they will decide to move him just because so many contending teams are going to be making phone calls and trying to get him to hit big shots for them.

1. Dejounte Murray

This is a very interesting one because Dejounte Murray has clearly been an All-Star this season and he is the future of this organization. He's averaging 17 points per game, eight rebounds, and 8.8 assists. He has done everything that San Antonio can ask for him and it would be crazy for them to decide to trade him. They do have to realize that they aren't necessarily in a good spot in terms of competing in the Western Conference as they are currently 14-22 and in 11th place in the Western Conference.

It could be the right time to get rid of him just because they can get back a huge package for him and also have some draft picks along with it. It wouldn't necessarily be the smartest thing from the team's perspective because he has been incredible and certainly somebody who they definitely don't want to move and would never move if they were in a better position.

They could definitely think about keeping him because he is still only 25 years old and if they are in a rebuild process, he is the perfect guy to help speed that up.