Tom Brady is a free agent. The superstar quarterback is a first-ballot Hall of Famer the second he is eligible.

For now, though, Brady is a highly-touted free agent. He's a star quarterback nearing the end of his career. So teams can bring the QB in for a run at the Super Bowl, without having to be tied down for the next few years.

This could be seen as a way to go for a championship, while still rebuilding the team.

With that in mind, the Oakland Raiders could be interested in the quarterback. Here are three reasons Brady would make the Raiders legitimate Super Bowl contenders.


Tom Brady, Patriots, Giants

This Oakland team has just a ton of young talent. Josh Jacobs already looks like an elite running back. He was just a rookie last year though.

Darren Waller is a star tight end. He's 27 and was drafted in 2015, so it sounds like he has experience, right? He's appeared in just 38 games though.

Hunter Renfrow emerged as a solid receiving weapon. Like Jacobs though, he was a rookie in 2019. And the Raiders are only going to add more young talent through the draft.

Do you see how having a veteran QB who has won the Super Bowl countless times could help?


Darren Waller, Raiders, Chiefs

The weapons were already mentioned. Jacobs is a star running back and Waller is awesome at tight end. However, the receivers aren't winning many awards. Tyrell Williams is solid and Renfrow looked good last year.

That's not exactly a superstar group though. You need a quarterback that can get the absolute most out of his weapons. Is anyone better at that than Brady? If so, there are very few.

Brady might not be the same talent he was in his prime, but he's still playing at a very high level. Last year he was on a New England team that wasn't exactly juiced up with offensive weapons. He was still able to keep the offense moving and put up solid numbers.

Yes, the defense was amazing, but let's not pretend like Brady didn't have his moments. He would still be a massive upgrade over a lot of quarterbacks in the NFL.


Tom Brady

Again, Tom Brady didn't exactly put up “prime” Brady numbers in 2019. Still, 4,057 yards and 24 touchdowns on a completion percentage of 60.8 is still incredibly solid.

The numbers were actually worse than Derek Carr's. Carr had a 70.4 completion percentage with 21 touchdown passes and 4,054 yards. Both quarterbacks threw eight interceptions as well.

Carr's previous two seasons were the two worst of his career though. So there's always the chance this could be an outlier.

Besides, Carr does not come with the winning pedigree of Brady. Brady isn't just bringing stats. He's bringing stats to go along with all the wins and playoff appearances.

The stats are kind of just icing on the cake.

Also, due to the fact that New England had zero tight ends and was going through receivers like no one's business, you could argue Oakland had the far superior supporting cast on offense.