Brock Purdy never forgot Patrick Peterson's comments about him during their NFL Week 1 matchup. The San Francisco 49ers quarterback knew exactly that it was his chance for revenge when the schedule came out. He finally got to lash back with a hilarious response after their win against the Pittsburgh Steelers, via NBC Sports.

Purdy was asked about the touchdowns on Peterson, he glibly replied by praising Brandon Aiyuk, “I wasn’t thinking about any of that. [Brandon Aiyuk] was open. He did a great job on the route, got him the ball, and scored a touchdown.” He then added the jab that would make a lot of 49ers fans laugh, “Then the second touchdown on the right side, the deep ball, was that on Patrick Peterson? Yeah, that felt good.”

But, he never forgot to give his flowers to Peterson, despite scoring two passing touchdowns under his coverage, “He’s a competitor, and I have nothing but respect for Patrick Peterson and everything that he does.”

Patrick Peterson stirred the pot against Brock Purdy and it started to smell like beef. He outlined how the 49ers were predictable on the offensive side of the gridiron. All of these seemed to hold true for the Steelers cornerback until he got to see it again firsthand in their NFL Week 1 showdown. The 49ers sensation remembered each one of the statements made against them and delivered.

Football season really is back with the amount of heated rivalries between teams. Will the 49ers carry this success into a postseason berth?