It looked like the San Francisco 49ers were about to crumble in the second half of their game against the Seattle Seahawks. Kyle Shanahan knew that the Brock Purdy-led offense needed a bit of a boost, not just in their schematics, but also in their confidence. Deebo Samuel unveiled what got them over the hump to outgun Geno Smith and his squad, via 49ers on NBCS.

“We had one of the worst third quarters that we had all year long… They depend on us and we depend on them. So overall, I feel like we had a pretty good game,” was how the 49ers receiver understood the challenge coming from Kyle Shanahan.

Everything started off well with Deebo Samuel and the Brock Purdy-led offense. Samuel started off the scoring barrage in the first quarter with a two-yard run for a touchdown. Christian McCaffrey would then come off blazing for the second quarter. The glorious running back out of the 49ers system had two touchdowns to dig the Seahawks their graves.

The story after halftime was very different. Jordyn Brooks got a pick-six from 12 yards. Geno Smith would then push the ball forward to get Jason Myers a chance for a field goal. Thankfully, these were not enough to overcome the huge lead that the 49ers had built. They got the opportunity to send the Seahawks fans packing after Brandon Aiyuk placed the nails on their coffins with a touchdown.

Will the 49ers be able to avoid these situations moving forward?