The Week 13 game between the San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles got chippy after a sideline altercation led to the ejection of Niners linebacker Dre Greenlaw.

It started early in the third quarter after Greenlaw took down DeVonta Smith. The Philly coaches and security personnel in question helped Smith get back up, with the staffer–identified as Eagles head of security Dom DiSandro–pushing Greenlaw away to separate him from their player.

By the looks of it, Greenlaw didn't appreciate the gesture and retaliated at DiSandro, extending his arm and hitting the face of the security head. It resulted to the heated exchange as tempers flared, with the two parties involved jawing and pointing at each other as the referees and coaches try to calm them down.

The referees decided to throw Dre Greenlaw out of the game due to the incident. The Eagles' security personnel was also tossed out for his involvement in the matter. As Dom DiSandro walked out, though, he was given massive applause by the home fans.

It's not surprising to see things get chippy between players in a highly physical sport like American Football. However, it's quite different when players and team personnel are involved–let alone a security staff. After all, coaches and team staffers are expected to handle things better and not instigate fights.

Either way, it's a bad look for both the 49ers and Eagles. While playing a game can be emotional, there are certain lines that shouldn't be crossed. Unfortunately, the two teams, Greenlaw and DiSandro let their emotions get the best of them.