The San Francisco 49ers have been at the center of several storylines this NFL offseason. The rumor mill has latched onto Brandon Aiyuk as the most intriguing trade prospect in the league. George Kittle recently made headlines when Netflix announced that he is one of five players to be featured on a new NFL-themed program.

Kittle appeared on the Bussin With The Boys podcast where he explained why he decided to do Netflix's ‘Receiver.'

“I got a call like literally it was like 10 days before the first game of the season,” Kittle said. “They're like hey would you mind if we mic’d you up, put cameras around you, and followed you to your house after games, and like occasionally we're like in your home? I was like that seems like a lot. And at first I was a hard no. I was like absolutely not, I'm not going to do this.”

However, everything changed after the 49ers tight end sat down to watch ‘Quarterbacks.' Kittle changed his mind after he saw how the show handled QB Kirk Cousins.

“I have full faith in like the football gods and like it just felt weird, but I never watched ‘Quarterbacks’ so finally I went and watched it and I thought they did a fantastic job about showing enough and it also gives you an inside look to the players and like what about the publicity they gave like Kirk Cousins,” Kittle said. “Like he wasn't just some guy, like Kirk is a fantastic person, sense of humor, family guy, like everyone fell in love with him right. So I was like all this is going to do, it like shows you an inside life, introduces people to your family, so I thought it was a cool thing.”

This could be a smart move for Kittle. Kirk Cousins' popularity grew after starring in the show last season. He was able to separate himself from the other middle of the road starting QBs in the NFL.

49ers stars George Kittle, Deebo Samuel to be featured in Netflix's ‘Receiver'

Netflix's ‘Receiver' is expected to pick up the format of ‘Quarterbacks' in an expanded show that features five NFL stars.

George Kittle will star in the show alongside teammate Deebo Samuel as well as other NFL favorites including Justin Jefferson, Amon-Ra St. Brown, and Davante Adams.

Kittle is notably the only ‘non receiver' on the show since he is a tight end.


‘Receiver' will follow each player throughout the entire 2023 NFL season.

There should be several interesting storylines throughout the show. Several players on the show made it deep into the playoffs. In fact, we'll see three players (Kittle, Samuel, St. Brown) play against each other in the NFC Championship game. We can expect Super Bowl footage as the 49ers battle the Chiefs.

Justin Jefferson should be our window into Minnesota's injury-plagued 2023 campaign. Through Davante Adams, we should see the end of the Josh McDaniels era and the rise of current head coach Antonio Pierce.

It will be fascinating to see how wide receivers approach an entire NFL season. We will also learn more about the personal lives of each player.

‘Receiver' will debut on July 10th on Netflix. We cannot wait to watch it!