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John Lynch’s revealing comments about Jimmy Garoppolo’s future with 49ers

John Lynch, Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers

It’s been speculated that the San Francisco 49ers will be searching for a new starting quarterback for the 2021 season. However, after being a guest on “The Eye Test for Two” podcast, general manager John Lynch reveals how he truly feels about Jimmy Garoppolo going forward.

The GM of the 49ers was asked, “If he is injury-free, is there any doubt in your mind that Garoppolo is your quarterback when you line up in September?” Lynch’s response was quick, as he stated, “No. Not at all. I really believe that,” via Full Press Coverage.

An interesting take considering how much time “Jimmy G” has missed these last three seasons. He’s only played in 25 games since 2018, but Lynch recognized Garoppolo’s lack of availability as well.

“Being available is a big part of this thing. So we — probably as a stated goal — we have to insulate ourselves better. We’ve got to have better options if he’s not there.”

Lynch sounds like he’s more interested in finding depth at the quarterback position rather than replacing Jimmy Garoppolo. An idea that makes sense considering how good he was in the 2019 season. Garoppolo finished with 3,978 passing yards and 27 touchdowns, where he also led the 49ers to the Super Bowl that year against the Kansas City Chiefs.

In Lynch’s defense for wanting to stick with Garoppolo, he brought up some of his own playing time as his best example.

“I’ve watched people go through this in their careers where they struggled early. It happened to me early, and then I went eight years without missing a practice. So I believe things can happen, and I believe they will for him. I really believe that Jimmy is our guy.”

During 2020, the 49ers ended the year with a 6-10 record and missed the playoffs entirely. They aim to go back next season, and it appears they want Garoppolo to lead the way.