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Kyle Shanahan reacts to Richard Sherman picking Jimmy Garoppolo in back-to-back practices

Kyle Shanahan Richard Sherman Jimmy Garoppolo 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers are fortunate to have prolific offensive and defensive players which make the team better altogether. 10-year veteran cornerback Richard Sherman showed he’s still got it as he recently intercepted quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo twice in consecutive practices.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan shared his sentiments on the competition during the 49ers’ practices:

“Both of those passes weren’t to the guy Sherm was covering, but if you sail anything over guys, or you look at one guy too long and you’re not knowing where he is, Sherm’s just going to follow your eyes and go and come out of nowhere. That’s happened to him twice in the last two days and that’s something that does happen in games if you’re not aware of those type of players.

“It’s great to remind him, ‘Hey, you’ve got to work on your eyes here. Just because you’re looking here, it doesn’t mean someone else isn’t looking at you and showing up at the end of the play.’ If no one reminds you of that, like Sherm, for an entire training camp or throughout the preseason and you get reminded in Week One, you’re like, how the hell did that just happen?”

With the cancellation of preseason games this season, NFL teams have to get creative and find ways to get better by themselves. Sherman’s interceptions during practices will only make Garoppolo better in time.

The two players will continue to serve as vital pieces for the 49ers’ campaign in the upcoming season. The team wants nothing more than to retain its hold over the NFC West and eventually make it back to the Super Bowl.