Nick Mullens has won the backup job to Jimmy Garoppolo sweepstakes in San Francisco. ESPN's Nick Wagoner reports that he's been informed he will be the backup over C.J. Beathard for the 49ers.

According to Mercury News‘ Cam Inman, he broke the news at his locker on Monday, as he said:

“I will serve as the backup, but that doesn't really change my mindset. I just have to take it one day at a time and all three of us will continue to push each other and make each other better on practice and in games.”

Mullens went on to confirm he won the job on Friday, the day his wife, Haleigh, gave birth to their son, Luke. Both “are healthy and happy,” said Mullens.

What a day.

On the competition to win the job with Beathard, Mullens said:

“You always hold yourself to a high standard. But at the same time, you have the guy to your left vying for the same job. So, your standard has to be that much higher. Every rep, every throw, every decision it's all on tape and it's all being evalutated. But it's been like that since day one so you got to have a consistent mindset and we both got a lot better.”

Mullens eventually won the starting job in 2018 over Beathard after Garoppolo went down Week 3 with a torn ACL. In eight starts, Mullen went 3-5 while throwing for 2,277 yards, 13 touchdowns, and 10 interceptions on a 64.2% completion rate, good for a 90.8 passer rating.