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49ers RB Raheem Mostert gets emotional on the sacrifice he’s made for the sake of football

Raheem Mostert, 49ers

Most of the time, fans forget that NFL players are humans too, just like all of us. In the heat of competition and battle, fans tend to forget what they’re all going through as people who have to deal with a ton of things on and off the field–especially with how 2020 has been going. After Sunday night’s 23-20 win over the Los Angeles Rams, Raheem Mostert of the San Francisco 49ers gave everyone a peak on how mentally tough it has been for them to hurdle all these unprecedented circumstances.

“It’s been a struggle, not having my little family,” an emotional Mostert said (via 49ers on NBCS). “Sorry if I get a little emotional but it’s really tough. I miss them so much. It’s a fight out here, everyday, you’re playing for your life. I just want people to understand that it’s not just  [the] football players, it’s the whole organization – it’s everybody. People have to make sacrifices out here. I sacrifice to leave my family behind so that way I can make a living for them.”

This year has been extremely challenging for the entire NFL organization. As COVID-19 cases continue to rise (especially in California), health protocols have been constantly deployed by the league. Teams, which means Mostert and the rest of the members of the 49ers, would have to bump up their quarantine measures to ensure everyone’s safety.

It has been especially hard given the current struggles of the 49ers, who were inches away from winning the Super Bowl crown last year. Now, they find themselves at the bottom of the NFC West with a handful of their key players already out for the season.

Thankfully, a huge win on Sunday night against the Rams gave the 49ers a reason to celebrate amid these trying times.

Life in 2020 has been tough and that’s been a fact for the past eight months. But players like Raheem Mostert were built to be tougher and they’re not letting any global pandemic stop them from moving forward achieving their ultimate goal.