49ers news: Richard Sherman defends self-negotiated contract, changing teams
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49ers CB Richard Sherman defends self-negotiated contract, changing teams

Richard Sherman

It is still quite difficult to have it sink in for many people that former Seattle Seahawks star cornerback Richard Sherman signed a three-year, $39 million contract with the San Francisco 49ers.

In a lengthy article written on Monday by Peter King of Sports Illustrated, it was revealed that Sherman self-negotiated his contract with 49ers general manager John Lynch for four hours on Saturday.

“This was not your typical negotiation,” King said. “Here, in the inner sanctum of the team Sherman kept out of the Super Bowl four years ago, the most hated rival in recent San Francisco history spent four hours on Saturday afternoon negotiating his own contract with no agent. Imagine David Ortiz negotiating with Brian Cashman. For four hours, the football version of that scenario happened in Santa Clara, Calif. Lynch and veteran Niners cap man Paraag Marathe on one side, Sherman and his fiancée, Ashley, on the other side.”

Sherman also took to Twitter earlier today to address all the backlash he has gotten so far in the wake of going from the Seahawks to their hated rival in the 49ers. He defended his self-negotiated contract and made a simple analogy to explain why he didn’t return to the Seahawks after they released him.

“Instead of getting upset with me for going to a new team how about you get upset with the people who forced me to go. If one job fires you and another job offers you a great position I highly doubt most ppl would go back to the old job for a lot less money,” Sherman said on Monday.

If that is indeed true, the 29-year-old Sherman makes a pretty good point as to why he chose to head to San Francisco over staying in Seattle. However, the star cornerback truly appreciates his time with the Seahawks and is simply embarking on a new chapter in his life.