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49ers add former Dolphins coach Chris Foerster to coaching staff

chris foerster

The San Francisco 49ers made headlines after bringing in a new assistant to their coaching staff. The team hired former Miami Dolphins offensive line coach Chris Foerster to join the team in 2019.

This is the first job that Foerster has received since a video surfaced of him snorting a powdery substance during his stint with the Dolphins. According to reports, Foerster joined the 49ers staff earlier this offseason but the team never announced it and he isn’t listed on the team’s site.

In October of 2017, Foerster announced his resignation with Miami and he decided to seek professional help for drug and alcohol addiction. Before leaving the Dolphins, Foerster was one of the highest-paid assistants; making anywhere between $2.5 million to $3 million per year.

Since then, the coach has been longing to make his return to the NFL and has finally gotten one with the 49ers. It remains to be seen if he has cleaned up his act since his last stint in the NFL.

Prior to his job with the Dolphins, Foerster spent a year as the 49ers’ offensive line coach in 2015. Furthermore, he also spent time with the Washington Redskins when Kyle Shanahan was the team’s offensive coordinator.

The final connection between Foerster and the 49ers comes with Foerster being on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers coaching staff from 1996-2001. During those years, current 49ers general manager John Lynch was playing for the Buccaneers.

By hiring the 57-year old assistant, San Francisco believes that he has earned his himself a chance at redemption. In 2019, Foerster is expected to have a role in assisting the coaches in game-planning for games.