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49ers never worried about drafting Nick Bosa despite controversial tweets

nick bosa

There was a lot made about some of Nick Bosa’s tweets heading into the NFL draft but for the San Francisco 49ers it was never a concern for them. Bosa was never shy about saying his feelings on Colin Kaepernick and President Trump and those thoughts made some raise their eyebrows.

49ers team president Al Guido made an appearance on n Bloomberg’s “Business of Sports” podcast and said the team did a lot of background checking and weren’t concerned about anything they found. Somethings he thought Bosa could have said differently but there were never doubts about who they would take.

“Not at all,” Guido said via SFGate.com. “It doesn’t mean we didn’t do background on the kid, doesn’t mean we didn’t bring it up and ask him the question, but look — if we’re going to get in a world where we’re not drafting Republicans or not drafting Democrats… The way that I think about it is, ‘he’s a young kid, he had a perspective.’ That perspective is fine, some of other stuff he did I think was a little insensitive and needs to learn from.”

Guido also said that general manager John Lynch felt the same way. They were more concerned about figuring out about the man that Bosa was, not what his political views are.

“Honestly, I spent no time worrying about it, I know John Lynch spent no time worrying about it, we worry about the kid himself, not necessarily his political leanings,” he said

Heading into the draft Bosa did try to back off a bit on his comments but now that he’s drafted there is a chance that Bosa will start being more vocal again.