NFL 5 worst players to make the Pro Bowl in league history
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5 worst NFL players to make the Pro Bowl in league history

The Pro Bowl is supposed to be a celebration of the best players in the NFL getting together to play a fun game, but that doesn’t mean only the elite get to play in it.

Let’s breakdown the five worst NFL players to make the Pro Bowl.

Braylon Edwards – 2007

Braylon Edwards deserved to make the Pro Bowl in 2007, but overall his career was much of a disaster, and that year gave a lot of people false hope.

Edwards caught 80 passes for 1,289 yards and 16 touchdowns in 2007. At the time, he appeared like he was going to be the next star receiver. The next year Edwards had 873 yards but he quickly fell off and was a major bust. Edwards made it nine years in the league, and if it wasn’t for that 2007 year, it probably would have been even shorter.

Marcellus Wiley – 2001

Marcellus Wiley is known now as an NFL media personality, but he also was once a Pro Bowler in one of the only good seasons of his career. He was a solid rotational player, but he was never a big name in the league. In 2001 he had 13 of his 44 career sacks and after that he went back to the rotational player.

The 2001 season made him some good money, but career-wise he shouldn’t be thought of as Pro Bowler.

Kordell Stewart – 2001

2001 was the year of bad Pro Bowler’s with Kordell Stewart also making the big game. Stewart was a fun quarterback to watch because of his legs, but his passing game really left a lot to be desired. During his career, Stewart threw for 77 touchdowns, but also had 84 interceptions.

In 2001 Stewart threw for 3,109 yards, 14 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions. He also rushed for 537 yards and five touchdowns.

Mitchell Trubisky – 2018

Mitchell Trubisky made the 2018 Pro Bowl and the only reason was that other quarterbacks were banged up or didn’t want to play. Trubisky was 20th in passing yards and 15th in touchdowns that season. Those stats didn’t even make him a top-half quarterback that season, much less a Pro Bowler.

Since that 2018 NFL season, the play hasn’t improved and it’s hard to imagine he is going to be honored among the league’s best going forward.

Vince Young – 2006, 2009

After a standout career for the Texas Longhorns, Vince Young was supposed to be the next great NFL quarterback but it never happened. Both years that Young made the Pro Bowl, he probably didn’t even deserve it. In 2009, Young only started ten games throwing for 1879 yards and ten touchdowns.

During his career Young started 50 games and appeared in 60 only throwing 46 career touchdowns and 51 interceptions. Young is one of the biggest busts in NFL history and the fact he made two Pro Bowl games is pretty stunning.