Hey Sucrose! I heard you spent most of your time inside the laboratory conducting experiments. This makes me wonder.


(Sucrose suddenly lowers her face and sheds her signature blushy cheeks)

Ok that was really harsh. You might forget that Albedo may have given her a special assignment that could change the course of alchemy in Teyvat. Perhaps you need a survival guide in dealing with Dragonspine.

If there’s nothing else for you to do in the holidays except grind your way in the fictional version of Mt. Everest, hoping that your dream waifu or husbando will finally arrive given its sheer primogem count then this guide is definitely worth reading. Here are some of my tips in dealing with the freezing atmosphere and the other horrors that await.


Ah the freezing air.

This is literally the most annoying thing that gamers will encounter once they step foot on Dragonspine. Once you reach the mountain’s snowy atmosphere, a cold breeze starts to take its effect in the game, where a sheer cold meter suddenly appears. It’s your job to make sure that this meter doesn’t reach its peak otherwise your HP will slowly deplete. You might be tempted to use Xiangling to summon her stuff toy to burn the ground, but this wouldn’t work as the freezing field negates this effect. Cryo shields and pyro shields from geo characters won’t have any effect as the meter still moves.

So how does one deal with this frostbiting experience? Well here are some tips.

  • For starters, use your pyro characters to light campfires, cooking stations, and beacons
  • There will be heat emitters as seen below, always activate them
  • Teleport Waypoints and Anemo Statues offer warmth so its best to unlock all of them
  • Scarlet Quartz is a mineral in the mountain that prevents the sheer cold bar to worsen. Acquiring two of these in one attempt will decrease the effects. You will also need this in unlocking the only Anemo Statue in Dragonspine as well as the Frostbearing Tree as these minerals can melt ancient rimes and other frozen crystals as seen below.
    • Tip: You can use them in dealing damage to enemies. Upon contact, they’ll unleash an overload effect.
  • Travelling with Warming Seelies lessens the freeze factor. They also provide a warming buff when they reach their destination.
  • You’ll unlock a new recipe from Chef Harris called Delicious Goulash. This will weaken the sheer cold mechanic.
  • The Frostbearing Tree as seen below is important. Not only does it diminish the sheer cold effect as it also provide rewards when players offer Crimson Agate.
  • Though expensive, you can enhance the Festering Desire weapon that Albedo will give you. It can slower the sheer cold effect once a certain level is reached. This will require a grinding effort though.
  • Be wary of falling icicles, you’ll encounter a truck load of them while entering caves.
  • Swimming is ill-advised as this would hasten the sheer cold effect. There will be battles or puzzles where you might be forced to swim so its best to immediately look for a heat source during or after these events
  • As much as possible, AVOID areas with a snowstorm. There are some snowstorm filled locations that house luxurious treasures, but you’ll have to battle tough opponents like Frostarm Lawachurls. In these cases, you must use your environment and unleash every electro or pyro-based attack to hasten the battle. Prolonged battles are never recommended in these scenarios.
  • You see that blue orb thing? Destroy it to lessen the sheer cold effects in battle.
  • In missions where you need to reach a certain peak, DO NOT climb on the mountains as the snowstorm gets worse the moment the altitude increases. Always test the climb. If the sheer cold meter rises exponentially, you must immediately jump down and look for a warming spot or teleport to the nearest waypoint.
  • Whatever you do, DO NOT approach these walls.  
  • In desperate situations where your HP is extremely low and the sheer cold meter reaches its maximum peak, you must immediately teleport to the Anemo statue and heal. In cases where the healing bar of the statues are gone, go for the waypoint and use your items or healing abilities. DO NOT FORCE THE BATTLE IN THESE SITUATIONS!
  • You might reach this mysterious object, go near it. I wouldn’t know how to describe it since I never lived in Dragonspine. Who on earth would live there in the first place?


There are many enemies that you’ll have to contend in Dragonspine. Sure there are the slimes, whopperflowers, Fatui skirmishers, and Cryo Abyss Mages that you normally deal with, but there are new ones that you’ll have to keep an eye on. Here’s how you can deal with them.


Instead of the wooden shield in Mondstadt or the geo shield in Liyue, these gigantic beasts have cryo shields. Melt them with pyro-based attacks or weaken them with geo or electro-based abilities. You must burst them immediately as these shields can regenerate during battle.


Oh boy, here we go! You’ll normally encounter these freaks of nature in treasure filled areas infested with snowstorms. They may not act like a boss battle, but encountering these monsters feel like one.

Like their counterpart in Liyue, these enormous beasts would unleash a ton of devastating area-of-effect damage. They can also go super-saiyan mode to summon a barrier that allows them to absorb a ton of punishment.

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A word of advice? Study their animations so that you can time your electro and pyro based attacks with efficiency. Be sure to dodge most of their attacks as they can obliterate your HP meter in seconds. Use any nearby Scarlet Quartz minerals. You might not have an overloaded amount of HP to deal with these monstrosities so its best to bring a healer when encountering these creatures.


Like their electro mage counterpart, these Fatui sadists can summon cicins (small batlike creatures) that can cause a nuisance. They can blink, summon ice shards, and worse go on a trance state to bring havoc with their cryo barrier.

A simple lightning or pyro based attack is sufficient in dealing with them. Be sure to focus more on the mage than the cicins as the latter’s existence is heavily dependent on the former.


Among all the ruin machines in the land of Teyvat, these are the easiest to deal with. If the other machines require a huge degree of accuracy to stun them, these creatures can be nerfed by targeting their knee caps. Dealing with them is pretty straightforward. Go near them, avoid their stomp, and attack them from behind. You’ll have no problem with their range attacks as they’re easy to dodge.

Their spinning attack is one concern as they can shred you apart, so remember to keep your distance.


Like their geo counterparts, they can summon pillars to give him and other long range hitters the high ground advantage. They can even summon ice spikes from the ground. A combination of geo, pyro, electro, plunge, and claymore attacks can destroy these pillars.



Every pyro-based and electro-based characters are a must have in your party since most enemies are cryo-based. I advice that you go beyond Amber and Lisa as both would be limited in Dragonspine. Amber is only good for lighting beacons and campfires, but her pyro skills aren’t accurate enough to burst enemies. Lisa on the other hand is lethal given the electro-cryo combination, however her attacks require a huge duration to unleash its full effect.

Hydro-based characters may pose a risk as their abilities may freeze some of your characters. Barbara and Xingqiu can be useful in combat situations that don’t offer any reduction of the sheer cold meter. Tartaglia/Childe is the best due to his area-of-effect bonus damage.

Like hydro, geo-based characters may also serve as a double-edge sword in combat. They can use their abilities to summon cryo-based crystals to protect the player, but they can also unleash pyro-based crystals that might extinguish the light from campfires, cooking stations, and beacons. This doesn’t only apply to geo-based characters as anemo types could also eliminate these heat sources.

Cryo-based characters will serve as a liability since most enemies will be immune to their effects. Their effectiveness are only limited to preventing the player from swimming and for solving puzzles that require their abilities.

Now that we’ve covered a survival guide for Dragonspine, you can now enjoy a smoother experience in climbing the dreaded mountain without expressing your anger on Sucrose or Albedo. Chances are you might end up like Spark Knight Klee, mentioning that every experience in life is the best.