Green Bay Packers star quarterback Aaron Rodgers is embroiled in drama with his team, but he's currently loving life out in Hawaii with fiancée Shailene Woodley. Rodgers is also enjoying somer serious bro time with actor Miles Teller, who's also in Hawaii with his wife Keleigh.

Keleigh has been documenting all the ongoing shenanigans with the group on Instagram:

Aaron Rodgers, Miles Teller

But wait, there's more:

Also, if you want to see Aaron Rodgers singing Taylor Swift, it's your lucky day:

Aaron Rodgers is certainly living his best life away from the Packers and the real world. Nothing like getting away from your professional problems like going to Hawaii and living it up.

The Packers quarterback did virtually call in to talk to Kenny Mayne for his final SportsCenter, and he opened up about the situation with the club. Rodgers claimed he has nothing against Jordan Love but hinted at his issues with the organization and how they haven't treated him like he feels they should have.

Obviously, given the fact that he's in Hawaii, Rodgers bailed on OTAs in Green Bay this week. It's unclear just when he might return or how this situation will play out.

For now, Aaron Rodgers is just going to do his thing with his bride-to-be and enjoy life.