The WNBA is known for its talented athletes, fierce competition, and incredible moments on and off the court. A recent tweet from the official WNBA account showcased one of the league's funniest players, A'ja Wilson of the Las Vegas Aces, in a hilarious camera moment during a game. The tweet, which included a video clip, quickly gained attention and highlighted Wilson's infectious personality.

Camera Too Close

In the video, Wilson can be seen speaking to reporters after the LAs Vegas Aces swept the Dallas Wings, 64-61. As she was talking about her double-double, she remarked about how the camera was so close to her face. Instead of getting irritated, though, Wilson treats the situation with playfulness and proceeds to complete her statement. Meanwhile, the reporters could be heard laughing in the background. This lighthearted moment not only entertained fans but also showcased the camaraderie and fun-loving nature of the Aces star.

Always Smiling

This is not the first time Wilson has brought laughter to the WNBA. In a YouTube video titled “I Sleep A Lot,” the player' had a hilarious reaction. She reacted to sitting for only four minutes during an entire WNBA Semis Series last year was captured. Additionally, there was a funny video from the 3-PT contest last year. In that clip, Wilson was mic'd up and showed her engaging in playful banter with her fellow competitors.

Wilson's ability to bring joy and laughter to the game is a testament to her personality. It also shows her positive impact on her team. As the Aces continue to dominate on the court, fans can look forward to more entertaining moments from one of the WNBA's funniest players.