After officially throwing in her lot with The Outsiders, Saraya and Toni Storm, at the end of her match at Revolution – even if it would have made more sense to turn on Jamie Hayter during the match to better her championship-winning odds – Ruby Soho is out for blood in AEW. She doesn't seem to care who is an AEW Original, has little concern for the feeling of the folks who once considered her a friend, and is instead solely focused on bringing the ultimate prize in the sport, the AEW Women's World Championship, back to Lafayette, Indiana.

Sitting down for an interview with the Grapsody Podcast, Soho was asked about being out for blood and her fondness for blood in general and let it be known that she has absolutely no problem with getting some color in her matches, and if you do, you probably shouldn't watch.

“So after that match aired, the reaction to it was very interesting to me,” Ruby Soho said via Wrestle Zone. “At first, I didn’t know how I felt about it, but as time went on, I realized that this is a conversation that needs to be had. Because if blood is, in general, is just not your thing, I totally get it. I completely understand that, that’s okay.

“That’s why wrestling is this beautiful melting pot of things is because there’s something out there for everybody. But if the fact that I’m a woman and I’m bleeding is the thing that bothers you, but you’re cool with like Mox and MJF, and whoever bleeding, but it’s just because I’m doing it is the thing you have a problem with then it’s a different conversation.

“Because at the end of the day, obviously, all we want as women’s wrestlers is to be treated equally to be treated the same. So, I think that it was a very important conversation to be had because there was arguments on both sides, and to me, I feel like it’s straying away from the one thing that we are trying to get away from is the reason that there is women’s wrestling is to give you something to look at.

“When in reality, like obviously if I’m covered in blood, I’m probably less attractive to most people, and if that’s your problem, then sorry to tell you, then I’m just gonna keep getting more unattractive because my lipstick’s all over my face all the time, my hair looks like I got electrocuted constantly when I’m wrestling like that’s not what I’m out there for is to be attractive to you.

“So, if that is what you’re watching me for and then stop watching me. There’s a lot of other colorful words that I could use, but at the end of the day, if you’ve got a problem with it, don’t watch it. But this is, to me, another example of us being treated equally in the vein of wrestling. In women’s wrestling is to be treated the same, to have the same expectations as the guys, and to be able to do everything that the guys are doing, including looking like Carrie.”

Wow, there's a lot to unpack there; while Soho doesn't bleed in all of her matches or even most of her matches, she appears far more concerned with putting on the best match possible as opposed to the best “women's match” possible and is filling to taste iron if it furthers her story. With blood already a contentious subject among some professional wrestling fans, it's clear Soho isn't going to ease up on the brutality if a storyline calls for it, so, as she so eloquently noted, if you don't like it, don't watch.

Ruby Soho has a message for Taz about her AEW theme music.

Elsewhere in her appearance on Grapsody, Soho was asked about Taz's pension for singing her entrance song Ruby Soho by Rancid, despite seemingly having no idea of the song's lyrics. Soho, still in babyface mode, tried to be diplomatic, even if her patience is wearing thin.

“I love Taz so much, and that is such a constant,” she said. “I think it’s become something people are almost upset about when it doesn’t happen when he’s not on commentary for some reason. ‘We need Taz to sing Ruby’s theme music.’ One day, I don’t know when it’s going to be, be it on Elevation or Dark or whatever, but I’m going to come straight to the commentary table and put down the lyrics in front of him. ‘Here are the words to this song.’ It’s my name over and over and over again, but somehow he never gets it right. Never ever ever. I love him to death. But, Taz, just read ‘em. Read the lyrics. You can sing it as much as you want. Just get the words right.

“No, he’s the best. He’s added a little bit to the entrance music with that. I think people follow along with. So it’s pretty great.”

Could the day eventually come when Taz sings Ruby Soho down to the ring like Rancid did at Double or Nothing 2021? Potentially so, but first, he has to learn the lyrics, which appears to be a pretty tricky task considering his clear track record of disinterest in lyrical memorization.