A strange Cristiano Ronaldo statue has appeared, bearing little resemblance to the Al Nassr football superstar. Ronaldo famously received a bronze bust at Madeira airport in 2017, which left the world scratching their heads due to its lack of likeness. Although that statue was eventually updated following widespread criticism, unusual statues of Ronaldo continue to pop up worldwide.

During a recent visit to Iran with Al-Nassr, Ronaldo encountered yet another peculiar statue that was placed in the hotel where he was staying. Unfortunately, this statue bore little resemblance to the football legend, perplexing onlookers and Ronaldo.

Ronaldo's visit to Iran generated significant interest and excitement among fans. Hundreds of supporters chased Al Nassr's team bus through the streets, eager to catch a glimpse of their hero. Banners expressing support for Ronaldo adorned Tehran, showcasing the enduring admiration and fascination the football icon commands. Ronaldo has had an impressive season, scoring 16 goals in 15 appearances.

While the odd statue may have puzzled Ronaldo, it's a testament to his global popularity. Despite the occasional misinterpretation in art, Ronaldo's influence and star power continue to captivate fans worldwide. His visit to Iran, though marked by the strange statue, reaffirmed his status as one of the most iconic figures in football history.

The Al Nassr superstar seems to be back amongst the goals this season. His recent goal and assist against Al Ta'ee show that there is plenty of life in the veteran. His plans are to end the season well before his focus shifts towards his final European Championships with Portugal.