Alabama football head coach Nick Saban shocked many when he said that the 2021 season was a “rebuilding year” for the Crimson Tide. The Tide went 13-2, won the SEC and lost in the national championship. That's why not many people were buying what Saban was selling, least of all, ESPN college football analyst Paul Finebaum. Finebaum slammed Saban in a rant during an appearance on Get UP, the network's morning talk show.

Paul Finebaum called the Nick Saban comments “very predictable.” The ESPN analyst said that the Alabama football coach always has an “excuse” “whenever he loses a game.” Those are some loaded words, especially when they're aimed at a coach who has won seven national championships, six with ‘Bama and one with LSU.

Finebaum went on to point out how Saban has a pattern of complaining when things don't go his way, such as when Alabama football reeled in one of the most historically great recruiting classes in 2022, only to be bested by Jimbo Fisher and Texas A&M.

Saban then went on an NIL warpath, calling out the Aggies head coach for “buying every player on the team.” It resulted in a very ugly public feud between the two coaches.

Finebaum is saying that Saban's ‘rebuilding year' comments are more of the same, even joking that he can't tell if the Crimson Tide coach wants to be the GOAT or the next Jimmy Kimmel.

Is he right? The ESPN analyst may have a point that Nick Saban tends to get a little snippy when things aren't going great for him. But that's perhaps why he has been so successful.

He won't accept anything but the best.