Sunday's incident hit close to home for Nick Saban and Alabama football as former running back and current Washington Commanders rookie Brian Robinson was shot twice in the leg after a carjacking. Thankfully, he's in stable condition and on the mend.

Saban and Heisman winner Bryce Young sent Robinson their best wishes to him on Monday. Via Sports Illustrated:

“Obviously our thoughts and prayers are out to Brian Robinson and his family.” Saban said during Monday's press conference. “I did reach out to him. I didn’t get him. So we texted him. B-Rob is doing really, really well. I think he’s doing well relative to the information that we have, even to the point where they think he may be able to come back and play at some point this season.

“We’re hopeful for that. We’ll keep our fingers crossed. We’re just glad that this is not something that is critical to his future or putting his life in jeopardy in the short term.”

Young, who played with Brian Robinson, had this to say:

“Obviously that's something that's really sad,” Young said about his former teammate. “Individually and as a team, we are just sending our prayers and our love to B-Rob and his family to be around his family in a tough time like this.”

Robinson played four years in Tuscaloosa before getting taken in the third round of the 2022 NFL Draft by the Commanders. He was pushing hard to even possibly win the starting job ahead of Antonio Gibson before this unfortunate setback.

The RB is expected to leave the hospital on Monday after successful surgery. If he's able to play in 2022, that would be fantastic. Brian Robinson's Alabama family clearly has him in their thoughts.