Alabama football has been officially eliminated from SEC Championship contention, per RedditCFB on Twitter. The news broke prior to the Crimson Tide's narrow 30-24 victory over Ole Miss.

Alabama football has endured a difficult season in 2022. The college football powerhouse has already lost two games and have come close to dropping even more contests. As a result, people have claimed that Nick Saban and Alabama's dynasty is over. However, Lane Kiffin previously warned people about making that claim.

“I texted [Paul] Finebaum on the way over here when I saw his quotes when he normally does and he says the Nick Saban dynasty is over, and all that,” Kiffin said. “Every time he says this — which I tell him — all he does is, I call it, like, GOAT fuel. The opposite of rat poison. You’re just like, giving the GOAT fuel, which for him, that works. He goes and proves them wrong every time.”

Kiffin is probably right. Saban and Alabama football will likely rebound sooner rather than later. But for a program that expects to win the national championship every single year, 2022 has certainly been disappointing.

As for the College Football Playoff, all the Crimson Tide can do is finish the season strong and hope for the best. But they likely will not be able to compete for a national championship this season. Georgia, Ohio State, and Michigan are the favorites but teams such as TCU will be in the conversation as well.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Alabama football.