The Nintendo Indie World Showcase on April 2024 might have been only 20 minutes long, but it was full of all-new cute titles for the Nintendo Switch. Check out all games in the Nintendo Indie World Showcase on April 17, 2024.

Nintendo Indie World Showcase April 2024: All Games

The Nintendo Indie World Showcase on April 17, 2024 was packed with announcement trailers, release date reveals, and deeper looks into titles set to come to the Nintendo Switch soon!

Little Kitty, Big City

A peaceful catnap turns into a whimsical adventure!

Will you make your way home or will you explore what the big city has to offer first? I mean, getting home is obviously your main priority. Obviously.

Well, it’s one of your priorities. Maybe more of a guideline… It’s definitely on your To-Do list somewhere! But first? Exploration!


  • Explore the city at your own pace in an open-world playground filled with surprises!
  • Make friends with a colorful cast of chatty animals.
  • Complete quests, help your animal friends, or cause a total ruckus. It’s up to you.
  • Customize your Kitty with a plethora of very adorable hats!
  • Take a nap in the sunshine.
  • Find a way home…?

Yars Rising

Play as the young hacker, Emi Kimura, as she starts to uncover the dark secrets of the mysterious corporation, Qotech. In this brand new side-scrolling Metroidvania from acclaimed developers, WayForward, take the Yars universe to a whole new level and unlock something hiding deep inside of you.

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes

The stage is set. Imagine an old baroque manor, perhaps a hotel or a museum, somewhere in central Europe. A woman wanders in search of answers.

An international auteur. What does he want?
An aristocratic artist. Who killed her?
A vagabond illusionist. Who is he?

And you, the wandering woman. Why are you here?

Watch carefully, observe.
Numbers. Patterns. Puzzles.
Are they all part of a macabre game, a complot, a simple treasure hunt?

We invite you to take a journey into the nightmarish surreality, and answer these questions to solve the enigma of “Lorelei and the Laser Eyes”.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Splintered Fate

Join the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as they rescue Splinter from the clutches of the Foot Clan amidst chaos in NYC. Experience fast-paced, roguelike action with unique powers for each Turtle. Team up with friends for co-op gameplay, explore iconic locations, and face classic TMNT foes. Don’t miss the adrenaline-packed adventure in this FIGHT, ADAPT, REPEAT portal loop! Subscribe now for updates and get ready to restore peace to the city!

SteamWorld Heist II

Get ready to join Captain Leeway and set sail on the Great Sea in this turn-based strategy game. Bullets ricochet with deadly precision as you go on heists to find epic loot, whilst trying to figure out just what is causing the water crisis. Put together your rag-tag Steambot crew and sail across the sea to uncover the mysteries that surround you!

Animal Well

Hatch from your flower and spelunk through the beautiful and sometimes haunting world of Animal Well, a pixelated wonder rendered in intricate audio and visual detail.

Encounter lively creatures small and large, helpful and ominous as you discover unconventional upgrades and unravel the well’s secrets. This is a truly unique experience that can make you laugh in fear, surprise, or delight.


On the moon Europa, a lush terraformed paradise in Jupiter’s shadow, an android named Zee sets out in search of answers.

Run, glide, and fly across the landscape, solve mysteries in the ruins of a fallen utopia, and discover the story of the last human alive.

Europa is a peaceful game of adventure, exploration and meditation. As you travel you’ll gradually upgrade the capabilities of your Zephyr jetpack, boosting yourself further through the air until you can flow freely into the sky.

Cat Quest III

Get whiskered away on a hearty catventure in Cat Quest III, the third installment in the award-winning Cat Quest series!

Play as a swashbuckling purrivateer in this 2.5D open-world action RPG set in a fantastical pirate-themed world – the Purribean – an archipelago swarming with Pi-rats searching for the Northern Star – a long-lost mythical treasure. Alongside your trusty spirit companion, set sail through the Purribean in your very own ship! But beware, the seas are dangerous, and a meow-tiny is nigh as the hordes of Pi-rats under the order of the Pirate King hunt you down…

Sticky Business

Create, pack, and sell your own unique sticker creations!

Experience the joy of running your own cozy small business: Create stickers, pack orders and hear your customers’ stories. Time to build the cutest shop on the internet!


Stitch. is a casual puzzle game with embroidery on a numbered grid. The main objective is to fill in the levels’ areas with no gaps to complete Hoops

Stitch. lets you create beautiful embroidery patterns, by solving levels and Hoops of various difficulties and sizes. It’s easy to learn, but hard to master! Stitch up all the beautiful landscapes, plants, animals, objects, and more.


ANTONBLAST is a fast-paced explosive action platformer that’s all about destruction. Play as the enraged Dynamite Anton (or his cranked-out coworker Annie) and use your Mighty F’n Hammer to demolish bizarre worlds, tussle with screen-filling bosses, and steal your Spirits back from Satan!

That’s right: Satan himself has stolen Anton’s prized Spirit collection, and he’ll stop at nothing to get it back. Thankfully, the local disgraced casino owner, Brulo, has his own beef with Satan, and he’s willing to put aside his

Refind Self: The Personality Test Game

This is an adventure game and a personality test rolled into one! Take on the role of an android, travel to places key to your memories of your creator — the Doctor, interact with the robots, and unravel the secrets behind the future the Doctor sought and what you were entrusted with.


Embark on a playful journey in SCHiM and get ready to jump from shadow to shadow. This 3D platformer seamlessly integrates light, shadow, and animation into its gameplay, offering a unique gameplay experience.

Interact with the shadows you visit in a colorful environment and be part of the stories that unfold. Every object, living being, and thing has a “schim”. You play as a schim who becomes separated. Can you make it back to your human and help others along the way?

Duck Detective: The Secret Salami

In Duck Detective: The Secret Salami, follow Eugene McQuacklin, the Duck Detective himself, as he works to crack the case with the help of his supreme powers of de-duck-tion. Inspect and interview suspects to learn their hidden secrets, then use the information you’ve gathered to locate the suspect and bust the case wide open!

Valley Peaks

The mountains are calling! Complete routes of varying difficulty to scale summits in this wholesome yet ribbiting first-person climbing platformer.

Every mountain is its own puzzle, so hang on tight as you race to the top of every ridge to place radio towers for the froggy inhabitants of Valley Peaks and connect them to the outside world. Along the way, explore this gorgeous, wholesome mountain paradise and get to know the amphibian folks who call this mountain paradise home.


BZZZT is a fast-paced “jump-dash-run” classic game with a fresh and modern design made almost single-handedly by one solo developer, Karel Matejka, known as Ko.dll.

Jump into the retro-future world with the nostalgic arcade journey of a tiny robot ZX8000! Experience an engaging story, upgrade your robotic abilities, challenge yourself in stages full of ever-changing gameplay mechanics and compete with other players in global and friends leaderboards.