The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story may have straightforward stages, but they contain hidden secrets! Here are all of the Silverwing Locations in The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story.

If you missed any of them, don't worry! You can unlock a certain area in your Hideout by playing through the main story that will allow you to replay certain missions and come back for the previously-unfound Silverwings.

The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story Silverwing Locations – Main Missions

Dark Forest

This first Silverwing in The Mageseeker is quite easy to find. In the Dark Forest, the first mission of the game after the prologue, you can find this little Silverwing sitting on the left side of the road.

After the part where you free the mages in the forest and receive your Potion Flask, follow the road down and use your hook to the left to get to the island where the Silverwing is located.


This is easy to mis, as it also introduces you to secret passages. In the middle-right section of the map, there is a hidden path next to a cylindrical building with a dome-shaped roof. Follow the path and proceed down to the clearing in the forest that nests this Silverwing.

On the map, the hidden passage begins here.

Clarion Cove

After starting the mission, there will be a fork in the road on your right. Take the top path and follow it into a wharf, where you will find this map's Silverwing.


This map's Silverwing is also one of the harder ones to find. After entering the prisons and fighting the enemies in the first big area, proceed upward until you find broken vases on top of a puddle of brown something (sand? beer? we'll never know). Hug the right wall in between the two smear marks. The entryway is also marked with a small rune, but this one's harder to spot. The Silverwing is inside this small room.

Sacred Woods

Near the Veiled Lady's cave, there is an area with small floating islands dotting the map. Make your way to the right-most island with your grapple and find the Silverwing there.


In the third area inside the Mageseeker hideout, a similar marking like the one in Devineur marks a secret entrance. Go through, defeat all of the enemies inside, and find the Silverwing resting on top of a comfy-looking pillow on the floor.


Simply follow the road to the main objective “Activate Kara's fourth device” and find the Silverwing in one of the rooms next to a bookcase. This area is found in the first right before the objective. It is completely visible in the map and if this one is hard to miss if you're exploring the whole level.

Dark Forest II

The Silvering in Dark Forest II can be found in the Terbisia camp, on the top right corner sitting atop a rock.

Great City of Demacia

This is another hidden room. The entrance is marked by a carving on the floor in front of the fire “lock” and near the bird with the big, black, avian marking. Going inside you'll be greeted by a Silverwing inside a cage.

Great City of Demacia II

Coming from the Temporary Camp, go through the stage until you find yourself in a roughly C shaped area composed of three hallways and four rooms. The last semi-circle right next to the biggest room in this floor has the Silverwing inside it.

Sacred Woods II

Play through the stage until a scripted encounter with Leilani in the mirror. Find the Silverwing to the right of the mirror, doing a poor job at hiding behind the overgrown grass.


The Silverwing in this map is tucked away to the left of the map, and can be reached simply by enough wandering. Rescue the Silverwing and recruit the mage nearby.

Great City of Demacia III

Playing through the story, you will be met by Gideon's husband in the laboratory. Find the Silverwing here, along with a Shrine of the Veiled Lady.

Secret Labs Raid – Ternmoat Headquarters

The Silverwing in this Secret Lab can be found locked behind a cell in the third floor of this stage. Destroy the prison bars and set the little bird free.

Secret Labs Raid – Cypress Glean Headquarters

After one of the dugout fights, navigate to the left side and grapple up to find a chest and another Silverwing behind bars.

Secret Labs Raid – Iffinghain Headquarters

This one is hard to miss. Play through the stage as normal and the Silverwing can be picked up right after you absorb the fire “key”.

Secret Labs Raid – Quickmoore Headquarters

The stage's Silverwing can be found on the right side of a split room.

Secret Labs Raid – Cloven Dell Headquarters

Upon encountering the square room that bottlenecks to a thin, long hallway, hug the left side of the wall until you enter an unmarked entrance to a Secret Room.

This can be slightly telegraphed by looking at the detached room on the map. The Silverwing can be found on a table in the middle of this room.

Secret Labs Raid – Hidden Pass Headquarters

The Silverwing in the Hidden Pass Headquarters can be found in the maze area. Instead of making your way through the middle exit, take a detour and navigate to the left side of the maze.

Using the map can help you with this.

Whispers in the Woods III

Find this silverwing after the second battle encounter. It's on the left side of the road, sitting next to some rocks and a nest.

That's all of the Silverwing locations in The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story! Rescuing all of them earns you the achievement “Silverwing Nest”.