Allen Iverson receives 1-game suspension from BIG3
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Allen Iverson receives 1-game suspension from BIG3

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After pulling off a surprising no-show at the Big3’s Dallas event on Sunday, Allen Iverson still sends ripples through any league he is involved with, especially when the news is negative.

The former NBA star was placed under investigation by the league for going M.I.A. without explanation and later found in an Illinois casino late into the night. Iverson later issued a letter of apology and awaited the decision of his actions from the league.

This also placed the BIG3 in a precarious situation to set the tone for how it would handle unprofessionalism, and the wrong decision would no doubt be a mark on its reputation.

During a teleconference call on Wednesday, BIG3 commissioner Roger Mason Jr. announced Iverson would be suspended for one week which amounts to one game due to his unexplained absence.

Iverson is expected to resume his player coach responsibilities in the season finale in Los Angeles but is expected to do more coaching than playing.

BIG3 owner Ice Cube spoke to USAToday about the conversation although not at length, hinting that Iverson wasn’t happy about the decision, but wants to forward as soon as possible.

Well, we talked about holding up the legitimacy of the league and he knows that him not showing up hurts us. Who’s happy to be suspended? Nobody. But he understands that it’s a necessary step in the development of the BIG3 who don’t believe what we’re doing and what we’re going to do in the future. Our league is bigger than one man, and we’ve got Hall-of-Famers, champions, All-Stars, first-round picks, and we have to think about them. He understands that.

Iverson’s star power alone was one of the biggest draws for the league this summer. A former NBA All-Star and MVP who is known for more than a little trouble on and off the court is still as valuable before the incident happened.