Last week's episode of Andor has carefully set up the series finale as all the pieces have finally come together in Ferrix. Thanks to Maarva's death, all the show's major players are set to collide with each other in an ending that shouldn't be missed by Star Wars fans. We take a look at this Andor episode 12 ending explained to learn how the conclusion truly went down.

Andor episode 12 ending explained

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This week’s episode of Andor starts with tells arrival of Dedra Meero on Ferrix. The Imperial Security Bureau officer tells her subordinate that she’ll be changing clothes to walk among the locals. Meanwhile, Brasso learns from a fellow worker that Cassian Andor is returning to the planet for his mother’s funeral.

Over in Coruscant, Senator Mon Mothma admonishes Perrin for gambling again. A fight ensues about their money as Kloris, their driver and assistant, eavesdrops on the couple’s conversation. As this is happening, Vel visits Cinta in Ferrix with the latter monitoring an ISB agent from afar.

The following morning, Cassian makes his way back to Ferrix to attend his mother’s funeral. He visits his friend, Pegla, who then informs him that Bix has been taken by the Empire. With his loved ones being oppressed by authorities, Cassian reads Nemik’s manifesto about the Rebellion and decides at that moment to fight back.

After a few hours, Dedra Meero is back at her quarters in Ferrix to oversee how Imperial forces are handling Maarva’s funeral. She reiterates that Andor is to be taken alive whatever happens. While this is happening, the ISB confirms that Anton Kreegyr’s forces have been decimated by the Empire. In turn, Dedra voices her displeasure that no one has been taken alive for questioning. Also, Luthen Rael has arrived in Ferrix and is also on his way to the funeral.

Inside a hidden room, Brasso meets with Cassian. The former reiterates Maarva’s wishes that his son shouldn’t blame himself for what happened to her. Brasso also mentions how much Maarva loved him no matter what. In turn, Cassian says he’s going to rescue Bix from the Empire. Meanwhile, Syril Karn arrives in Ferrix to look for Andor.

In another part of Ferrix, Luthen spots Vel and tells her that it’s a good thing the Empire is looking for Andor. Once they find him, they’ll make their move to kill the outlaw. He tells Vel to get Cinta so they can consolidate their chances of completing their mission right away as a worker strikes an anvil heard by everyone.

At that moment, the locals start their funeral march for Maarva Andor. A young boy with explosives joins the march, including several Imperial agents in disguise, Cinta, and Vel. Meanwhile, an officer gathers his men as a show of force against the locals attending the funeral.

From a distance, Cassian spots Luthen Rael wearing a hood to disguise himself. As this is happening, Cassian’s friend tells an Imperial officer that he’ll point him out in exchange for his safety and freedom. This prompts the officer to report to Dedra, who then reiterates that Cassian will be taken alive.

As the funeral is happening, Dedra steps out with her men to inspect a nearby building. Meanwhile, Imperial forces have barricaded the locals’ march as a standoff between the two sides begins with the latter chanting stone and sky over and over again.

With the two forces facing each other, B2EMO releases a hologram of Maarva, who then begins a recorded message meant to inspire the citizens of Ferrix. As the hologram goes on, an officer tries to stop it. This leads the locals to revolt against the Empire with a massive fight ensuing and the young boy with a bomb setting it off in the middle of all the action.

As the fight worsens, Cassian has made his way to Bix’s location to rescue her. Meanwhile, the Empire is now taking lethal action against the locals to stop them. With this order, Stormtroopers open fire against the citizens, killing several of Cassian’s friends. During the confusion, Cinta kills the disguised ISB officer under Dedra.

With everything descending into chaos, Cassian manages to take Bix out of the building. Syril Karn manages to rescue Dedra from being killed by the locals as they hide from them. Meanwhile, Cinta and Vel clear their quarters out for any sign that would lead them back to them. 

Brasso and the other citizens prep their ship to escape Ferrix and the Empire. Cassian takes Bix to them as he gives them instructions on how to escape. He remains behind to fight and watches as the ship takes off. Back in Coruscant, though, Mon moves on to the proposal to betroth her daughter to Davo Sculdun’s son, in exchange for his aid to get the money she needs. In the process, this move will save her from being spotted by the Empire for illegal activities.

Inside his ship, Cassian sneaks up on Luthen and discovers that he’s going to kill him. He surrenders and begs Luthen to kill him or take him in. The episode ends with Luthen smiling at Cassian.

In a post-credits scene, a host of droids are assembling the main laser component. The overall scene zooms out to reveal the first Death Star being constructed by the Empire.

What just happened? An Andor episode 12 recap

In this Andor episode 12 recap, Star Wars fans finally see Ferrix standing up to the Empire during Maarva's funeral. This event lays the foundation for Cassian's transformation into a full-fledged rebel, as seen during the final scene with Luthen. The final episode also builds up the character arcs of Dedra, Syril, Bix, and Mon Mothma for the second season.

With his character undergoing several hardships and challenges, Cassian Andor is becoming more of the person fans have seen in Rogue One. While there isn't any confirmation yet when season two will come out, it's expected that he's going to continue the fight against the Empire, all in the leadup to his eventual death in the Star Wars prequel film. In any case, this series is certainly a breath of fresh air for the franchise itself.