With Chris Paul joining Draymond Green as well as Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, the Warriors not only have one of the most decorated teams in the NBA, they also have one of the most fiercely competitive. Paul and Green, in particular, are no strangers to conflict, having been at the center of many of the more memorable spats the league has dished up in recent times. But while that may make them difficult to play against, according to Andrew Wiggins it's also exactly what makes them such good teammates.

“Draymond, CP, they’re the players that you hate to play against but you love to have them on your team,” Wiggins said. “They’re dogs, they’re very intelligent and know how to get under the other team's skin, their weaknesses. They’re smart, smart players.”

Occasionally those dog-like tendencies have resulted in them overstepping the mark, particularly Draymond Green, with the most memorable example being when he socked former teammate Jordan Poole prior to last season. But while the Warriors will be hoping to avoid any repeats of that situation, they certainly won't be wanting Paul and Green to temper the enthusiasm, to put it gently, which has contributed to them being such great players.

Between the two of them, Chris Paul and Draymond Green have compiled 16 All-Star appearances, 13 All-NBA appearances, and a huge 17 All-Defensive Team appearances, and that borderline unhinged competitiveness has played a massive role in helping them to get there. As players that “you hate to play against”, in Andrew Wiggins' words, the Warriors will be hoping their opposition will be dreading their matchups in season 2023-24.