The internet was set abuzz after Chicago Sky star Angel Reese was spotted riding around with rapper G Herbo in his Tesla Cybertruck following the Sky’s victory over the Indiana Fever on Sunday night. The sighting, captured by a nearby driver at a red light, raised speculation about the nature of their relationship, TheShadeRoom reports. Reese, recently single after dating Cam’Ron Fletcher, was seen comfortably seated in the passenger side, with fellow Sky player Kysre Gondrezick reportedly in the backseat.

Social Media Reactions and Speculations

Once the video surfaced on social media, fans immediately began speculating about Reese and Herbo's relationship status. Despite Herbo's longstanding relationship with Taina Williams, with whom he shares children, fans wondered if there was more to the outing than just friendship. The speculation intensified as both Reese and Herbo posted cryptic messages on their respective social media accounts shortly after the video went viral.

@angelreese10♬ original sound – Be On Your Feelings

On Monday evening, Reese took to TikTok to share a video where she lip-synced to Dej Loaf’s song “Try Me.” The lyrics, “All these n-ggas love me — can’t get ’em off me. F–k around, gave him my number — he can’t stop calling,” seemed to hint at the attention she was receiving due to the viral video. Reese left the caption blank, prompting fans to interpret the post in various ways, especially in relation to her recent outing with Herbo.

G Herbo’s Twitter Message

Around the same time, G Herbo posted on X (formerly Twitter) with a message that read, “‘SO MUCH STRESS IN MY CHEST, BUT I’LL NEVER FOLD’ #bigswerv.” The tweet, accompanied by context from X about Herbo's recent involvement in crypto activities, added a layer of complexity to the speculation surrounding his evening with Reese.

Meanwhile, additional videos surfaced from a TikTok user claiming to have footage of Reese and Herbo at a nightclub called Bevy. DJ Sean Mac also shared footage confirming their presence at the location, further fueling public interest and discussions about the pair’s relationship status.

Despite the buzz surrounding Reese and Herbo, it's essential to note that Herbo has been in a long-term relationship with Taina Williams. The couple has been through ups and downs, with Herbo notably surprising Williams on her 26th birthday with lavish gifts. However, Williams has not publicly commented on the recent video involving Herbo and Reese, leaving fans to speculate about the dynamics at play.