Angelina Jolie's tattoo artist recently revealed that she got new tattoos on her middle fingers. And fans went crazy trying to guess what the tattoos are saying. The tattoo artist, Mr. K, posted a picture on Instagram of Angelina Jolie's tattoos covered up to keep it a surprise. He mentioned that he couldn't believe he got the chance to tattoo her hand.

“Still can’t believe that I actually grabbed her hand and tattooed her…Guess what she got on her palm?”

Now, it could be something. But majority of fans think it's an F word for her ex. This refers to her former husband, Brad Pitt, whom she was in a relationship with for a long time before they got married and later divorced.

Currently, Angelina and Brad Pitt are in a legal battle over their children and shared winery.

Some also think the new Angelina Jolie tattoo could be about her kids, a warning for future partners, or something related to spirituality.

But this isn't Angelina's first tattoo. She already has several ones that hold special meaning for her, related to her charity work and her children. She also has tattoos dedicated to her ex-partners, like Billy-Bob Thorton. Angelina and Brad Pitt also have matching ones that they got before their separation, as a symbol of their strong bond. Even Brad has his own set of tattoos, including one for Angelina and their children.

Now, people are wondering if the new Angelina Jolie tattoo is her way of expressing something about her past relationship with Brad Pitt. But one thing's for sure, it will remain a slay.