With less than a week to go before the MLB trade deadline passes, one of the most intriguing things to monitor on the trade front was the Los Angeles Angels' impending decision of whether or not they'll be trading away Shohei Ohtani, the most unique baseball player perhaps of all time. However, the Angels seemed to have put all those speculation to rest after they decided to trade away two key prospects to the Chicago White Sox for Lucas Giolito and Reynaldo Lopez, signaling their intention to go all in for the rest of the season.

The Angels' decision to put their best foot forward in hopes of maximizing what could be Ohtani's last few months with the team certainly drew a ton of mixed reactions on Twitter. Some fans lauded the Angels for trying to go for it, admiring them for doing whatever it takes to climb in the AL playoff picture.

However, some couldn't help but feel like the Angels' decision to trade for Lucas Giolito and Reynaldo Lopez — especially when taking into account what it cost them — may not have been the best idea. And it's not hard to see the rationale behind that way of thinking, as the Angels, at the moment, will have to leapfrog four other contending teams (Seattle Mariners, Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, and Toronto Blue Jays) just so they could sneak into the playoffs as the third and final wild card team.

However, some also thought that the Angels' move to go all-in could, perhaps, convince Shohei Ohtani to stay when he hits free agency given the team's willingness to do whatever it takes to maximize the team's contending window.

It'll be a nerve-wracking next few months for Angels fans as they try to pull off the unthinkable.