The Los Angeles Angels have questions to answer this offseason. Shohei Ohtani is set to hit free agency and there's a decent chance we've seen him play his final game in an Angels uniform. Mike Trout trade rumors have also begun to swirl as the Angels' struggles continue. Trout commented on the rumors Monday, and also shared his thoughts on whether or not the current Angels ownership can get the ball club to the playoffs.

“I go through this every year,” Trout said in response to if he plans on being with the Halos past the 2023 season, per Sam Blum of The Athletic. “These are private conversations I have w/ Arte & John. I’m doing the same thing I’ve done the last 13 years. Going into the offseason, clearing my mind, going into spring wearing an Angels uniform.”

“We’ve got a lot of young guys that came in,” Trout added when discussing whether or not the front office can guide the Angels to the postseason, via Blum as well. “If you look at what happened over the year, you don’t see it. In April, while we were playing in Majors, our first baseman was taking college at-bats.”

Finally, Trout addressed manager Phil Nevin, per Blum.

“I love Phil. I love playing for Phil. He takes care of his guys. He wants the best for the team. Not being out there, because I know how much he cares about us, it just sucks.”

Angels: Mike Trout's future amid trade rumors

Mike Trout, Angels

Mike Trout is a future Hall-of-Famer. He's displayed great loyalty to the Angels despite their inability to build a contender. Based on his comments, he clearly feels passionate about the team. He's a fan of Phil Nevin, and still expects to be with the Angels in 2024.

That said, winning is the only real thing that is missing from Trout's legacy. He's played in a total of three playoff games and those came back in 2014. One has to imagine that Trout will at least consider the possibility of a trade if it puts him in a position to win. Right now, with Shohei Ohtani likely to leave, the Halos may still be a long way from being a playoff contender.