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Twitch streamer TimTheTatMan reacts to Angels star Mike Trout following him on social media

Angels, Mike Trout, TimTheTatMan

It appears that Los Angeles Angels superstar Mike Trout is a fan of Twitch phenom TimTheTatMan, who revealed on one of his streams that Trout apparently followed him on social media. Take a look:

TimTheTatMan appears in awe that “one of the greatest players in the MLB” decided to toss him a follow, in which he initially reveals he didn’t return the favor. However, by the end of the video, the Twitch star eventually did give Mike Trout a follow. Probably a good choice.

Trout is enjoying another fantastic year with the Angels, hitting a ridiculous .420 with six bombs already through 20 games. At this point, it seems as the older Trout gets, the better he becomes. LA is currently just above .500 at 12-11, much in part to the slugger’s dominance at the plate.

As for TimTheTatMan, he is one of the most popular videogame streamers in the world, amassing a total of 241.7 million views on Twitch, as of April 25th.  He also has over six million followers on the streaming app. Considering that Mike Trout took the time out of his day to visit the Tatman’s page, he must be a gamer himself.

After all, it would be quite the thrill for a normal guy like TimTheTatMan to see on your phone that one of the greatest baseball players ever followed you on Twitter or Instagram, whatever it may be. I guess that’s a perk of becoming a public figure on Twitch.